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KSS Bio Spark This article's title is derived from Japanese (Edit | (Similar)
... because it was never localized to English in official sources.
KMA Bad Portal sprite
Kirby Mass Attack sprite
Illusion Door
Name (JP) イルゲート (Irugate)
- Meaning maybe English word "ill"(=bad) or "illusion" + "gate."
In Games
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Copy AbilityNone
CategoryRegular enemy

Illusion Doors are enemies in Kirby Mass Attack. They resemble a normal portal, but they have evil expressions on their faces, vicious mouths, and magenta bat wings.


Illusion Doors appear several times in Stage 7 of Volcano Valley. They don't attack the Kirbys, but when spotted, the background will turn dark, and Illusion Doors will switch around with a normal portal. The Kirbys must then guess which portal isn't a Illusion Door. If they enter a normal portal, the Kirbys can continue their adventure. However, if they enter a Illusion Door, it will take them to a small room, where the Kirbys have to fight some enemies, so the player has to choose wisely. The most common enemies used in a Illusion Door trap are Mossys; semi-commonly, a Big Stactus, and rarest of all, Slugoos.



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