KatRC Indigo Ocean
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse screenshot
Indigo Ocean
Name (JP) インディゴ オーシャン
- Meaning Indigo Ocean
A place in
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
2World 34
BossesThe Claykken
Common enemiesBlipper, Crabbo, Dethskullk, Dethskullk King, Gordo, Grab Hand, Mini Deepsee, Sawgill
Claycia used the stolen colors to create seven worlds. But now Kirby's planet is so drab!
— Elline • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Indigo Ocean is the third world of Seventopia. It serves as the third level of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, succeeding Yellow Dunes and preceding Blue Sky Palace.


Indigo Ocean contains four stages:

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