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Kirbycolors This article is about the character named Iro in the dub of the anime. He is not to be confused with Spikehead, the character similarly named Iroo in the original Japanese version.
HnK Hohhe
Name (JP) ホッヘ (Hohhe)
English VoiceJim Napolitano
Japanese VoiceMakiko Ohmoto

Iro is a childish Cappy who lives in Cappy Town. As a friend of Tuff, he is a young juvenile who enjoys pulling pranks and causing trouble for other Cappies. Although he sees himself as a cool person, he can be quite immature and temperamental at times; if things don't go his way, he usually whines or throws a temper tantrum (as seen in Dedede's Raw Deal). He is also friends with Kirby and Tiff. In earlier episodes, Iro acted a bit like a bully around Kirby but eventually they became friends.

Usually he is often playing with Tuff, Iro, Honey, and occasionally Kirby and Tiff.


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