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Episode(#J33 / #E34)
Fire Lion Anime
Junk Jam
Name (JP) え〜っ! 宇宙のゴミ捨て場
- Meaning What?! The Universe's Dumping Grounds
Air Date (NA)February 1, 2003
Air Date (JP)May 25, 2002
Copy AbilityFire
Demon BeastFire Lion

Junk Jam is an episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.


Cappy Town becomes the universe's newest dumping ground with mountains of garbage no thanks to Dedede's equally mountainous debt. Eventually the stink gets to even the highly insensitive Dedede, who still refuses to pay up. He decides to fight fire with "fire" and hacks into the teleporter. Meanwhile, Tiff decides to look for a better alternative and stumbles upon the culprits who have been behind it all along.

Episode Summary

KSSU Kirby run
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Junk-covered hills

Customer Service tries to make King Dedede pay up his debt by making Cappy Town the new dumping ground for garbage from Nightmare Enterprises-controlled space until he does so. Dedede is stubborn at first, but then there was so much garbage it piled up to his Castle too, so he hacks into the teleporter and gets himself a Fire Lion to burn down the filth, which pollutes the air. Meanwhile, Tiff camps out the garbage and finds out Aliens have indeed been dumping the garbage at night, confronts them, who revealed they had been mislead that Dream Land is a brand new landfill. They take it all back up and perform "atmospheric incineration" by dumping it from high orbit over Dream Land, and the junk burns up in atmospheric entry, making a starfall which everyone watches.

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