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KDL3 Kamuribana sprite 2Kamuribana
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Name (JA) カムリバナ(Kamuribana)
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Kamuribana is a character appearing in Kirby's Dream Land 3. They appear in Stage 1 of Ripple Field. Kamuribanas need Kirby and Pitch's help to grow. Kirby and Pitch must have the Clean ability and travel to the third room. There are three underwater rooms here, each with a sprout. The two must use their basic attack, which will throw water onto the plant. If Kirby and Pitch manage to make all six Kamuribanas grow and not step on them, he will earn a Heart Star for his efforts.

Physical Appearance

Kamuribanas are flowers with purple petals and green stems. They are not to be confused with Tulips.