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Kid kirby
Kid Kirby artwork
Kid Kirby
Title (JP) Kid Kirby
Release Cancelled
Platform(s)Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Kid Kirby is a cancelled title in the Kirby series that would have been released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was developed by DMA Design Ltd., a Scottish company which eventually evolved into Rockstar North. Had it been released, it would have been the only Kirby series game to be developed by a non-Japanese studio (with the possible exception of Kirby Slide).

Very little is known about Kid Kirby. The first hint of the title to be in development was a picture of Kirby with the title "Kid Kirby" at the bottom-right corner of page 47 of a Mexican Club Nintendo Magazine issued in 1995.[1] All other graphic material from this game is from the Flickr account of an ex-DMA developer, who posted the photos after the game was cancelled.

The story follows a younger Kirby who sports a curl of hair and sleeps in a crib. Familiar sights like King Dedede, Bronto Burt, the Star Rod, and the Fountain of Dreams can also be seen, but the rest of the material is foreign and/or generic.

Since no video footage was ever released of the game, information on Kid Kirby's gameplay is scarce. All that is known is that the game was going to feature what appeared to be platforming levels, and it was to showcase the SNES mouse by using it for its controls. Outside of units packed in with copies of Intelligent Systems' Mario Paint, the mouse never sold well, and the game reportedly did not play well with a standard SNES controller, so the title never saw release.[2]



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