King Dedede's Whaling Ship
King Dedede's Whaling Ship
Full name King Dedede's Whaling Ship
First appearanceKirby: Right Back at Ya! (A Whale of a Tale)
Latest appearanceKirby: Right Back at Ya! (A Whale of a Tale)
Copy AbilityNone
CategoryKirby: Right Back at Ya!

King Dedede's Whaling Ship is a contraption used by King Dedede in the anime episode A Whale of a Tale. The whaling ship was disguised as a tour boat as part of his plan to go whaling. The ship secretly had nets and harpoons and other equipment for catching whales stored inside it, meaning that it eventually did turn out that Dedede really wanted to catch the child whale that had appeared at Dream Land's bay. Ultimately, the whaling ship was swallowed whole and therefore destroyed by the child whale.

Physical Appearance

Initially, King Dedede's Whaling Ship was under the guise of a simple tour boat. Once its true form is revealed after Escargoon pushes the activation button for it to do so, it is like any other whaling ship in appearance - complete with a harpoon shooter on its front. It also has a red flag in its crow's nest, and has glaring black eyes on its front. The nets and harpoons and other stuff for catching whales stored inside the whaling ship proves that the ship was indeed built for whaling.

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