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King Doo
Name (JP) キングスドゥ (Kingusudu)
- Meaning for "Kings Doo"
In Games
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Copy AbilityBeam

King Doo is a mid-boss from Kirby's Return to Dream Land and Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition. He first appears as a mid-boss in the third stage of Raisin Ruins. He gives the Beam Copy Ability when inhaled, making him the first mid-boss to do so. It is unknown if King Doo really is a leader of Waddle Doos, because King Dedede is referred to as king of Waddle Dees.

King Doo appears in the New Challenge Stages in Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition as well. He appears in the Smash Combat Chamber and the Smash Combat Chamber EX.

King Doo appears in Kirby: Planet Robobot in a more mechanoid form.


King Doo HD

King Doo EX.

King Doo is a very large Waddle Doo, about four times the size of a regular one. Unlike most Waddle Doos, he has a yellow body and his eye is purple rather than standard black. Instead of two strands of black hair above his eye, King Doo has a large, blond ponytail that extends from his forehead. His feet are orange and pointed at the end, giving them the appearance of elf shoes.

In EX Mode, King Doo's body is white, his shoes are a dark shade of red, and his iris is a hot pink tone instead of purple. His hair remains blonde. These coloration changes make him somewhat resemble Zero.

In Planet Robobot, King Doo's top right section has now been mechanized, but he still retains the same coloration as his appearance in Return to Dreamland. King Doo 2.0 also has his top right head mechanized, but retains King Doo EX's colors.


King Doo attempts to run into Kirby like most mid-bosses and fires his Beam Whip attacks in broad arcs similar to Waddle Doo. The former attack creates stars for Kirby to use against him. Unlike his smaller counterparts, King Doo is capable of performing the beam attack while jumping in mid-air to hit the area underneath him. He can also unleash charged-up shots from his eye along the ground, similar to Beam Kirby. Kirby is unable to inhale these, so they must be avoided.

In his EX form, King Doo acts the same as he previously did, but is faster with his attacks and does more damage with them. In addition, he can now fire the charged blasts from his eye upwards at a diagonal angle at Kirby if he flies above him to escape the ground-based shots. King Doo EX also has a new attack- he can power up as though he were charging up for his energy-blasts, but he will instead jump high into the air and pose upside-down. From his position, he will fire 5 shots from his eye in a downward angle at the area he is currently facing.

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