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Story Mode

Overload Ocean

Character Image Dialogue
Susie KPR Susie Head "Heehee... I didn't expect to see a native inhabitant all the way out here..."
Susie KPR Susie Head "Excuse my manners. Let me introduce myself. My name is Susie, executive assistant of the Haltmann Works Company. Pleased to make your acquaintance."
Susie KPR Susie Head "Just look at this planet. Clean air, fresh water... There is a wealth of natural resources to be found here. But all of you who live in this world take that wealth for granted. Regrettable, but at any rate..."
Susie KPR Susie Head "Our Mechanizing Occupation Program is now under way... and your people have unfortunately been identified as...obstacles."
Susie KPR Susie Head "Our most sincere condolences, and I'm sorry you had to come all this way... but I'm afraid..."
Susie KPR Susie Head "you must be destroyed!"

Gigabyte Grounds

Character Image Dialogue
Susie KPR Susie Head "Noble Haltmann, we adore him
Noble Haltmann, we adore him!
Every day we wish him glory!"
Susie KPR Susie Head "Oh! Pardon me. That was our company's wonderful theme song, "The Noble Haltmann." Sometimes I just find myself singing it out loud. It's so catchy!"
Susie KPR Susie Head "At any rate, I must say, how nice to see you again. I'm Susie, but I'm sure you remember me."
Susie KPR Susie Head "Let me tell you a story. Not long ago, I met someone who impressed me very much. He was strong and full of confidence... A knight of the highest order."
Susie KPR Susie Head "I was so impressed... I gave him a complete remodel! And I hired him as a company security guard."
Susie KPR Susie Head "Heehee! I wonder what you'll make of him?"
Susie KPR Susie Head "Please allow me to present... Model #M-7110. Mecha Knight... ENGAGE!"

Rhythm Route

Character Image Dialogue
Susie KPR Susie Head "We implore you, dear Haltmann!
We implore you, dear Haltmann!
Bless our work and be at ease!"
Susie KPR Susie Head "Oh, well hello there! We meet again. I'm sure you remember me. Susie? The charming secretary? Yes?"
Susie KPR Susie Head "Anyhow, I was quite surprised. ...When you reduced my Mecha Knight to scrap."
Susie KPR Susie Head "...Hmph. I guess the Mother Computer isn't perfect after all..."
Susie KPR Susie Head "Don't worry, though! This next one should quash your rebellion. He was created from the latest in nanogenetic technology. He's ruthless. He's driven. He's...a clone of royal proportions!"
Susie KPR Susie Head "Heehee! And it seems he has a long-standing grudge against you!"
Susie KPR Susie Head "Get ready for... Model #D-0030
Dedede Clone!"
Susie KPR Susie Head "Here, see that little pink nuisance? Destroy it!"

Access Ark

Character Image Dialogue
Susie KPR Susie Head "This is the Haltmann Works Company's head office. This is the heart of the company. And here you are, as if it was your own living room... You natives need to be taught manners!"
Susie KPR Susie Head "You know, it's wonderful to work in a perfectly controlled environment. But that's something you'd never understand."
Susie KPR Susie Head "Well, I have something special for you today. Have a sneak peek at our latest product, hot off the production line! It's been completely updated with the newest technology. It's capable of working for 24 hours without recharging... And it's been programmed to be a merciless fighting machine. We call it Mecha Knight+! I hope you like it. Have a nice day! Buh-bye!"

(Kirby defeats Mecha Knight+)

Susie KPR Susie Head "Improbable... No... Impossible! A machine made by the Mother Computer lost... Twice! I guess it's time to take matters into my own extremities!"
President Haltmann KPR Haltmann Head "That's enough, Susie."
Susie KPR Susie Head "M-Mr. Haltmann! Sir!"
President Haltmann KPR Haltmann Head "Hello. I must thank you for looking after my secretary. Susie, dismissed. You're done here. You may step down now."
Susie KPR Susie Head "...Yes, sir."
President Haltmann KPR Haltmann Head "Well then... I am the president and CEO of Haltmann Works Company. My subordinates call me... President Haltmann."
President Haltmann KPR Haltmann Head "Now...native pink thing. Take a look at this."
President Haltmann KPR Haltmann Head "Absolutely incredible. Indeed. It's truly marvelous! We've analyzed the most advanced civilizations in the known universe. And with that knowledge, we have reactivated this... The Mother Computer... Star Dream."
President Haltmann KPR Haltmann Head "Well... Allow me to elaborate. In compliance with the business plan drafted by Star Dream... effective today, you are... terminated!"

(Kirby defeats President Haltmann)

President Haltmann KPR Haltmann Head "Ugh... You ungrateful native! You need to be taught your place! Savages! Savages! Savages! Savages! You're all wild savages! Your insolence must be punished! Watch me activate Star Dream, the most powerful machine in existence. And you filthy natives will be... eradicated!"
President Haltmann KPR Haltmann Head "What?! You! Susie! What did you...?! I... I can't... cont...rol..."
Susie KPR Susie Head "Yippee! I thought this day would never come! Star Dream is all mine now, Mr. Haltmann. Some start-up company will pay top dollar for this!"
Susie KPR Susie Head "Hee! How do I look? Like a cool corporate spy, don't you think?"
Susie KPR Susie Head "You probably have no idea what I'm saying... Whatever..."
Susie KPR Susie Head "The program controller is all I need... Poor Star Dream! Your entire database will soon be mine!"
Susie KPR Susie Head "Ahhhhhhhhh!"
Star Dream KPR Haltmann Dream Head "Beep beep boop... ...infinite...operating...sys... Star Dream..."
Star Dream KPR Haltmann Dream Head "Syntax error... I am...Haltmann...? Overwriting irrelevant error... Please wait... Beep boop... ...A...hem."
Star Dream KPR Haltmann Dream Head "Through...this organic body... I have studied...all forms of life. The goal of this company has always been prosperity. Unfortunately, you imperfect, fragile life-forms were a liability. So you are invited to witness the end of history. A new age shall begin--an age of infinite prosperity. Enjoy your destruction."

Mind in the Program

Character Image Dialogue
Susie KPR Susie Head "...This wasn't supposed to happen! No! I won't let it! All I wanted was to steal Star Dream! And teach the old man a lesson. Was that too much to ask?"
Susie KPR Susie Head "Look at this mess... I'm not going to stand here and be destroyed by some crazy machine!"
Susie KPR Susie Head "...There. Get in, pinky. Take this armor and go! Stop that machine!"
Susie KPR Susie Head "Please... Little pinky! You have to stop it! If anyone can do it, it's you!"

Meta Knightmare Returns

Character Image Dialogue
Star Dream KPR Star Dream Head "L...O...A...D...I...N...G... You must be...the new admin. Yes. You possess incredible power... OK."
Star Dream KPR Star Dream Head "As the new admin, you must supply your the strongest warriors of this planet. Executing Sword_Master.EXE."

(Meta Knight defeats Dark Matter Clone)

Star Dream KPR Star Dream Head "...Impressive. That may have been too easy for the new admin..."
Star Dream KPR Star Dream Head "Next up is one whose swordplay resembles a beautiful dance... Let us bring back the most powerful queen from the void. Experience her royal presence and unparalleled fighting skills. She will be a fitting test for you."

(Meta Knight defeats Sectonia Clone)

Star Dream KPR Star Dream Head "You are mighty indeed. Now for the final test... This was prohibited by the previous admin... Preparing to boot the Space-Time Transport program..."
Star Dream KPR Star Dream Head "Let us bring back a legendary swordsman from a forgotten time. He may end up destroying a planet or two, but such is life. The benefits of this final battle outweigh the collateral damage. Prepare yourself..."
Star Dream KPR Star Dream Head "Executing Space-Time Transport... Extra-dimensional road... Booting... 3... 2... 1... ...BEGIN!"