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Character Image Dialogue
Taranza KTD Taranza Head "To think that you've made it this far. Aren't you a persistent little thing? But even you will kneel before us."
Taranza KTD Taranza Head "I, Taranza, cannot allow you to interfere with Queen Sectonia's plans. Let me guess: you're here to save the hero of the lower world."
Taranza KTD Taranza Head "The people of this land thought they were clever. They thought they could use the Dreamstalk to save their world. But I saw right through their plan."
Taranza KTD Taranza Head "Well, since you're already here... I'll give you your precious hero back. But he may be a little more...hostile than you remember him!"

(Kirby defeats Masked Dedede and Masked Dedede's Revenge)

Taranza KTD Taranza Head "Wh-what is the meaning of this?! I did just as Her Majesty commanded. The lower world should fall to its knees before me!"
Taranza KTD Taranza Head "Could... Could you be the true hero of the lower world? Curses! If that's true..."
Taranza KTD Taranza Head "Majesty! Your Majesty Sectonia! Oh, glorious Sectonia! Please come to my resc-- Glaaaugh! Wh-why...?"
Sectonia KTD Sectonia Head "Pitiful, Taranza... I have no use for a fool who cannot follow orders."
Sectonia KTD Sectonia Head "Now then, hero of the lower world. You would risk your life for this land? You would stand against me, the ruler of the heavens?"
Sectonia KTD Sectonia Head "Very well... You will bow before the great Queen Sectonia! My beauty rivals the divine... And my power will crush all that you hold dear!"

(Kirby defeats Queen Sectonia)

Sectonia KTD Sectonia Head "Bah...Aha... I...see. I expected as much from the hero chosen by the Dreamstalk. But I wonder... How will you handle this?"
Sectonia KTD Sectonia Head "You see, true control. The Dreamstalk has guided you thus far. But its bloom will be your doom! Floralia, Dream Land, and this entire planet!"
Sectonia KTD Sectonia Head "You should all feel honored. You will serve as my sustenance... for eternity!"

(Kirby defeats Queen Sectonia)

Narrator "And so Floralia was saved, thanks to Kirby's heroic efforts.

The People of the Sky had long lived under the cruelties of the evil queen. In a last-ditch effort to save themselves, they put their hopes and dreams into a seed and sent it to the surface... in order to bring Kirby, the hero of Dream Land, to their rescue.

King Dedede was mistaken for Kirby and was kidnapped by Taranza. But Floralia would be in ruins had he not played his part. Indeed, the Dreamstalk works in mysterious ways.

When it was over, Kirby looked up at the sky... and saw that the Dreamstalk was in full bloom. It serves as a reminder of Floralia and a new landmark in Dream Land."