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... because it was never localized to English in official sources.

"Kirby * March" is the first Japanese opening of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, the intro was used at the start of episode 1 to 71, and then replaced by "Kirby!". The theme song is sung by Shanchi.



itsudemo guusukaapii hoshi no kaabii
Sleeping all the time, Kirby of the Stars

kedo honto wa tsuyoi yo honto kana
But he's actually strong, Is he really?

fushigi na chikara o motsu densetsu no hiiroo
The legendary hero with strange powers

tsuyoi hoshi no senshi yarumonda kaabii
Strong Star Warrior, Way to go, Kirby!

heiwa na rakuen dareka ga otoshita namida
In the peaceful paradise someone has been shedding tears

warui yume nanka tabeteshimai mashou
Let's eat up those nasty bad dreams

nakushita egao wo tori motoshi ni yuukuu
We're going to reclaim our lost smile

sou kara ochitekuru hoshi no chikara wo ippai sutte
Inhale the power of the stars falling from the sky

manmaru pinku da yo hoshi no kaabii
a perfect pink circle, Kirby of the Stars

kedo nani demo nareru yo honto kana
But he can become anything, can he really?

mugen no chikara o motsu densetsu no hiiroo
The legendary hero with unlimited power

tsuyoi hoshi no senshi tanon da yo kaabii
Strong Star Warrior, we're counting on you, Kirby!


  • The music that plays in the Kirby Melee Stadium Arena is an orchestral remix of "Kirby * March".