Kirby Air Ride soundtrack
Kirby's Airride Business Trip Sound Test
Title (JP) カービィのエアライド 出張サウンドテスト
PublisherMycom Japan[1]
Release August 6, 2003[1]
GenreOfficial Soundtrack
Mode(s)Playing modes

Kirby Air Ride Business Trip Sound Test is a Japan-only soundtrack released in August 2003 and published by Mycom. It features music from the Top Ride and Air Ride courses in Kirby Air Ride.

Track listing

  1. Plantes (Grasslands Course)
  2. Vallerion (Valley Course)
  3. Sky (Air Course)
  4. Iron (Machine Course)
  5. Magheat (Lava Course)
  6. Colda (Iceberg Course)
  7. Sandoola (Desert Course)


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