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KMA BrawlBall
Kirby Mass Attack title screen
Kirby Brawlball
Name (JP) カービィのたいけつ!
(Kābī no tai ketsu!)
- Meaning Kirby's Showdown!

Kirby Brawlball is a pinball sub-game in Kirby Mass Attack. It is unlocked by collecting up to 15 medals.


Like Kirby's Pinball Land and most pinball machines, the player controls two flippers which hit the ball (which happens to be Kirby) to prevent it from falling into the bottom hole, or sink. In this sub-game, the player needs to tap on the on-screen button which controls the corresponding flipper. Alternatively, the player can use the L and R buttons to control the flippers. Kine initially plugs the sink and protects Kirby from falling into it, but if Kine saves Kirby once, Kine moves away and the hole becomes a danger. However, Kine can appear again if the player manages to hit all the moles on the left and right side of the board. Two Grindarrs to the left and right of Kine will also shoot Kirby back onto the pinball field should he fall near their vicinity.


In Level 1, the player needs to get Kirby into King Dedede's mouth to start a boss fight against Whispy Woods. In the next three levels, however, Kirby must collect a number of stars before Dedede opens his mouth again and grants access to the next boss fights - Lololo & Lalala in Level 2, Heavy Lobster in Level 3, and Marx in Level 4. The only way to hurt the bosses is by sending Kirby hurtling into them. Once Marx is defeated, the game is won.

The bosses retain their traditional attacks, but several of them are modified to fit a pinball game.

  • Whispy's ​apple-dropping attacks are removed.
  • Lololo & Lalala now have Blocky assisting them.
  • Heavy Lobster no longer jumps around like it does in the Halberd. Its flamethrower attack is changed into shooting cannonballs which explode into flames. It is the only boss who can actively dodge Kirby.
  • Marx's gigantic laser and arrow attacks now point downwards, and he performs his cutter attack twice (4 waves). After he uses his black hole attack, he spits out the Kirbys pulled into the black hole. None of his other attacks are available to him.

Secret Area

KMA Waddle Doo Brawlball

The secret level

If the player collects enough stars after Dedede's mouth has already opened, a Warp Star will appear at the top of the board. The Warp Star can then be used to warp into a secret level. In this board, the player can play a game of roulette that's shown on the top screen for a limited time. Two Waddle Doos also appear in this board, and they'll shoot Beam Whips to push Kirby upwards. By rolling over each of the buttons on the top screen, Kirby can stop the roulette to earn extra points or to make additional Kirbys come into play. The bonus game ends when reither time runs out or all the Kirbys onscreen fall down the hole at the bottom of the board.

Boss Rush Mode

KMA Cat sprite

The cat.

Once Kirby defeats Marx, the game shows a tip: Press and hold Right, Select, and B on the title screen. If done correctly, the player will hear and see a cat go across the bottom of the screen. When the touch screen is tapped, Kirby will play against all four of the game's bosses. If Kirby manages to defeat all of them, the player is given a congratulations screen and is allowed to continue fighting the bosses for points until Kirby falls between the flippers and ends the game.


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Kirby Mass Attack: Kirby Brawlball
KMA BrawlBall
"Pinball Scuffle" in Kirby Mass Attack
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