Kirby Café, stylized KIRBY CAFÉ, was an official real-life small restaurant chain located in Japan based on the Kirby series.

General Information

In 2016, the café's first location opened on August 5th in Osaka, Japan. A few weeks after the first location opened, the second location opened in Nagoya. The third and final location was in Tokyo. After three months of the Kirby Cafés being open, on October the 30th, Nintendo decided to close the remaining locations down. This may have been because of plans for Super Nintendo Land, a theme park that is planned to open in 2020 at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.

The café featured special food dishes inspired by elements and characters from the Kirby series, including Kirby himself, King Dedede, Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, Whispy Woods, Planet Popstar, Maxim Tomatoes, Invincible Candy, and the Star Rod. The café also included a gift shop where people could buy merchandise based on the franchise. This merchandise included The Sound of Kirby Café, a CD containing new arrangements of music from the Kirby series specifically created to be played as background music in the café. The café contained Kirby-themed decorations. A plush of Waddle Dee would sit with any single guests.


Name of Dish (Translated) Name of Dish (Japanese) Cost (Yen) Description (Translated from website) Image
Kirby's fluffy pancake カービィのふんわりパンケーキ ¥1,480  It is a fluffy pancake expressing Kirby pink by adding a puree of Francoise to a blend of fresh cream and custard cream. Kirby Cafe food 1
Waddle Dee's luxury hayashi rice ワドルディのぜいたくハヤシライス ¥1,680 It is an authentic hayashi rice finished with beef fried in red wine and a demiglace sauce that combines deep richness and mellow flavor. Kirby Cafe food 2
Pop star curry fish of the sea tailoring ポップスターカレー 海の幸ごろごろ仕立て ¥1,680 Squid seafood curry perfect for summer. Turmeric rice and rice flour were used to express Popstar and two "rings" Kirby Cafe food 3
Dedede Great Pizza デデデ大王の山盛りピザ ¥2,200 Nicolle style pizza made with pizza kiln enough to the edge apart. Kirby Cafe food 4
The Green Greensplate of Whispy Woods ウィスピーウッズのグリーングリーンズプレート ¥1,800 One plate with Italian bread "Focaccia" with black olives and sausages. We also added homemade hamburger steak and white fish fries, finished in a balanced manner. Kirby Cafe food 5
Cold fruit pasta where the mango entered with goblins with the whim of Kawasaki カワサキの気まぐれでマンゴーがゴロッと入っちゃった冷製フルーツパスタ ¥1,750 It is cold fruit pasta finished with vinegrette sauce of Italian dried tomato and mango using luxurious Italian ham and mango. Kirby Cafe food 6
Maxim tomato's whole recovery pasta マキシムトマトの全回復パスタ ¥1,480  It is a warm tomato sauce pasta made with plenty of summer vegetables, mainly fresh tomatoes. Kirby Cafe food 7
Maxim tomato cup soup マキシムトマトのカップスープ ¥600 It is a pleasant cold soup for hot weather, based on tomatoes and peaches. The "M" part was reproduced with balsamico and potatoes. Kirby Cafe food 8
Affogato which Meta Knight suddenly eats メタナイトが起きがけにいきなり食べてるアフォガート ¥700  It is a dolce with the name "Drowned (Ice)" in Italian, which is served with vanilla ice cream with Italian espresso. Kirby Cafe food 9
Dream Fountain Sparkling Cocktail (Non Alcohol) 夢の泉スパークリングカクテル(ノンアルコール) ¥750 Expresses the color of the fountain of dreams with pink grapefruit syrup and blue curacao. Kirby Cafe food 10
Orange Ocean Granita オレンジオーシャングラニータ ¥800 It is sweet and sour refreshing drink which finished Granita (frozen drink) often drunk in hot summer in Italy with orange & mango taste. Kirby Cafe food 11
Pupu Pucino プププチーノ ¥650 Espresso added with plenty of whipped milk which is used for roasted coffee beans in Italy. Kirby Cafe food 12
Kirby's macaroon cookie shoe カービィのマカロンクッキーシュー ¥600 A luxury cream puffed with raspberry and custard, two layers of cream in a shoe fabric cooked with cookie dough stacked. Kirby Cafe food 13
Maxim tomato cupcake マキシムトマト カップケーキ ¥580 Coated special rare cheese cream made with New Zealand cream cheese luxuriously with Fran-Bowers sauce. Kirby Cafe food 14
Musume Candy Cupcake むてきキャンディー カップケーキ ¥580 Topped with two types of flavoise cream and fresh cream on a moist cupcake containing chocolate chips. Kirby Cafe food 15
Star Rod cupcake スターロッド カップケーキ ¥580 Coated special rare cheese cream that used luxury cream cheese from New Zealand with mixed source of apricot & orange & mango. Kirby Cafe food 16

The Sound of Kirby Café

Title Duration Music
01: Fresh Green Café Terrace / Green Greens 3:13 Click here to listen
02: Butter Brimful Building / Butter Building 3:22 Click here to listen
03: Gourmet! Carnival / Gourmet Race 4:07 Click here to listen
04: At the Floating Paradise / Cloudy Park ~ Ripple Field 4:12 Click here to listen
05: Teatime Under Sunshine Filtering Through the Leaves / Forest / Nature area 4:13 Click here to listen
06: Peaceful Oasis / Air Ride: Sky Sands 3:55 Click here to listen
07: Sunset Tower / Sky Tower 4:23 Click here to listen
08: The Honey is Sweet and the Flower Blooms Pitifully / Mysterious Trap ~ Battle of the spirit with this star 3:41 Click here to listen
09: The King and Witch's Rendezvous / Kirby Series Extra Edition Medley 3:47 Click here to listen
10: 64 / VS. Zero-Two 4:55 Click here to listen
11: Milky Way Wishes / Staff Roll 4:30 Click here to listen
12: Café De Planet / Beachball Departure! Robobot ~ Haltmann who is master of the Galaxy 4:44 Click here to listen


Name of Product Cost (Yen) Image
Hand Paint Stacking Mug Cup (Yellow / Blue) ¥ 1,650 G 09-01
Kirby Café Original Style Mug Cup ¥ 1,600 G 21-01
Acrylic Madler (Candy / Maxim Tomato / Star Rod) ¥ 1,000  G 02-01
Cork coaster (logo / Kirby / Waddle Dee) ¥ 400 G 18-01
iPhone case (Kirby & Waddle Dee Yellow / Blue) ¥ 1,800 G 01
Canvas Art (Kirby & Waddle Dee / Aozora Kirby Cafe) ¥ 3,850 G 04-01
Maxim tomato spuntex cushion & neck pillow ¥ 3,850 G 05
Kirby spandex cushion & neck pillow ¥ 3,850 G 06
Water absorption quick drying also Mini Towel (Kirby / Candy / Maxim Tomato) ¥ 800 G 23-01
Kirby Café Original Washcloth ¥ 1,200 G 22-01
Kirby Café Original Textile Cotton Tote ¥ 2,400 G 10-01
Kirby Café Original Faux Leather × Cotton Flat Tote ¥ 2,850 G 07
Kirby Café Original Leather Handle × Heavyweight Cotton Tote Bag ¥ 6,800 G 26-01
Kirby Café Original Textile Charm Pouch ¥ 2,400 G 11-01
Kirby Café Original Candy Cut ¥ 3,000 G 16-01
Kirby Café Original Logo Cut and sewn ¥ 3,000 G 15-01
Kirby Café Original Logo T-shirt ¥ 3,000 G 17-01
Clear file (Kirby / Aozora Kirby Cafe) Each ¥ 300 G 12-01
Post card (12 types) Each ¥ 150 G 14-01
2.5 Dimension Premium Postcard (5 types) Each ¥ 300  G 13-01
Crystal Magnet (8 types) Each ¥ 400 G 03-01
Acrylic Key Chain (Candy / Maxim Tomato / Star Rod) Each ¥ 500 G 25-01
Acrylic badge (7 types) Each ¥ 600 Screenshot 2017-04-09 at 6.01.51 PM
Kanbajji (capsule toy, 10 kinds) 1 PLAY ¥ 300 G 08-01
Acrylic key holder (capsule toy · 5 types) 1 PLAY ¥ 300 G 19-01
Your name Seal (sealing machine) 1 PLAY ¥ 300 G 24-01
The Sound of Kirby Café / Sound of Kirby Café ¥ 1,800 Cd 01


  • The Kirby Café located in Tokyo was actually a part of a building called Skytree, a broadcasting, restaurant, and observation tower.
  • Some of the alternate headgear for King Dedede and Waddle Dee in Kirby Battle Royale reference Kirby Café's artwork.