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Cabinet This page is an archive. It is meant to record the state of content when they were archived, so please do not edit it. Comments can be directed to talk page.

Archive of all featured videos since February 2008. Videos no longer available are swapped for equivalent ones. (Back to main page)

Teaser (Watch HD)
Japanese official site intro (Watch HD)
KRtDL Logo
Game overview trailer (Watch HD)
KRtDL Logo
Kirby's Return to Dream Land intro reveal. Featured: July 2011
KRtDL Logo
Trailer: Kirby's Return to Dream Land
KMA Logo2
Trailer : Kirby Mass Attack (Watch HD)
Epic Yarn Logo
Making of Nintendo Redwood Kirby's Epic Yarn interview room Featured: July 2011
KW logo
Trailer : Kirby Wii (Watch HD) Featured: April 2011
Kirby Wii video @ Nintendo investor briefing
Featured:Jan 2011
Kirby's Epic Yarn E3 presentation
Featured: June 2009
Kirby Super Star Ultra TV advertisement (US)
Featured: Sept 2008
Kirby Super Star Ultra trailer
Featured: Jul 2008
Kirby Wii trailer
Featured: Feb 2008

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