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Kirby and the Mystery of the Glibbers (Kirby und das Geheimnis des Glibbers) is a 16-page comic book story published in Germany across four issues of the magazine Club Nintendo, from March 1993 to June 1993. Each issue contained four pages of the comic. It is the first of two German-language Kirby comic stories that were created for the magazine, the second being Kirby's Biggest Case in 1996. It was drawn by Ken Asata. The writer is unknown. Unlike Kirby's Biggest Case, it has never received an English translation, official or otherwise.


The first title page of Kirby and the Mystery of the Glibbers

General Information

The magazine that the comic appeared in was the German counterpart of Nintendo Power in the United States, and is not to be confused with the separate Club Nintendo magazine published in Mexico and Latin America, or Nintendo's defunct international customer rewards service, which was also called Club Nintendo.

Characters from other game series and cartoons making guest appearances in the comic include Mario, Pac-Man, Blinky (from Pac-Man), Donkey Kong, Mega Man X, Plok, Aero the Acro-Bat, Dizzy Devil and Hamton J. Pig from Tiny Toon Adventures, and possibly Pit from Kid Icarus. It is not known whether the non-Nintendo characters were used with permission of the IP holders. There are also apparent cameos from real-life German celebrities, who have not been identified.

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