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Release 2018
GenreAction, 2D Platformer
Platform(s)Nintendo Switch

An unnamed game in the Kirby series, currently being referred to as Kirby for Nintendo Switch, is set to release in North America in 2018.


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Kirby for Nintendo Switch is a traditional platformer Kirby game, in which the player controls Kirby, whose objective is to get to the end of each stage through the use of Copy Abilities. Kirby retains his traditional moves; the Inhale, Star Spit, Slide attack, Air Gun, and floating.

The game is a 2.5D platformer, meaning that the characters move on a two-dimensional plane in a 3D environment.

Two game mechanics return from previous installments of the Kirby series; those of Mix abilities (from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and Kirby: Squeak Squad) and Helpers (from Kirby Super Star and its remake). In a manner similar to the mechanic shown in the trailer for the unreleased Kirby GCN, there can be four player-controlled or CPU-controlled Helpers at one time. Kirby must throw a heart item at certain types of enemy in order to turn it into a Helper. Helpers can assist Kirby in multiple ways, allowing for combo moves such as creating a circular formation that allows them to roll ahead in certain areas. You can also mix Helper Abilities, too, though it is currently unknown how this will work.


Playable characters





Copy Abilities

The game will feature standard Copy Abilities, as well as the ability to mix certain abilities together, a returning mechanic from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and Kirby: Squeak Squad. Currently, twelve standard Copy Abilities are known, as well as six Mix Abilities. Any abilities that can be mixed with the base ability are in parentheses.

Copy Abilities





  • This game greatly resembles the first attempt at Kirby GCN, a cancelled game for the Nintendo GameCube. It resembles Kirby's Return to Dream Land as well, though this is because Kirby GCN was reworked into Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
  • Helpers can be mixed with abilities themselves, a first for the series. This was seen in the portion of the trailer with Whispy Woods.
  • Helpers wear the hat that corresponds to their ability, unlike Helpers in Kirby Super Star and its remake.
  • Helpers reflect the colors of the player playing them. For example, any helpers who are player 2 are yellow, helpers who are player 3 are blue, and helpers who are player 4 are green. This concept is reused from Kirby GCN.



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