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Kirby Super Star Ultra sprite
Kracko's Revenge
Name (JP) クラッコ リベンジ (Kurakko Ribenji)
- Meaning Kracko Revenge
In Games
KSSU logo
Copy abilityBeam (from Waddle Doos)
Points Given25100 (Kracko Jr.'s Revenge) 80000 (Kracko's Revenge)

Kracko's Revenge is an upgraded version of the boss Kracko, exclusive to the Crash Clouds stage of Revenge of the King, and The True Arena in Kirby Super Star Ultra. However, this truculent cloud features the regular Kracko's arsenal with additions and improvements. He attacks much more frequently, his star beam attack reaches farther, and he can now shoot out large bolts of lighting in a similar fashion to Dark Nebula's electricity attack. He also has much more health than the regular Kracko. Kracko's Revenge serves as the boss of the level Crash Clouds in Revenge of the King and is randomly placed in the first six battles of The True Arena.

Kracko Jr.'s Revenge is fought just a few rooms before Kracko's Revenge and is also among The True Arena's first six. The main difference between Kracko Jr. and Kracko Jr's. Revenge, aside from the obvious difference in difficulty, is that Kracko Jr.'s Revenge attacks much more frequently and is slightly more erratic. It is extremely unpredictable.

Physical Appearance

Kracko Jr.

Kracko Jr.'s Revenge in-game

Kracko's Revenge is a large purple smog cloud. He looks mostly like regular Kracko, but more menacing. His entire body is dark purple and he has twelve large spikes coming out of him, which are all gray with black stripes. In the center of his body lies a red, glaring eye. Like the regular Kracko, Kracko's Revenge is shown to have dark blue eyelids.

Kracko Jr.'s Revenge also looks a great deal like his regular counterpart (Kracko Jr.). He has the same general concept: a ghastly eye with four circular clouds orbiting clockwise around it. The main difference between the two is that, like Kracko's Revenge, the clouds surrounding Kracko Jr.'s Revenge's eye are a brownish-purple instead of white. Kracko Jr.'s Revenge also has a glaring red eye just like his fully grown self.


  • Kracko's Revenge and Kracko Jr.'s Revenge are, ironically, the opposites of their Kirby's Dream Land Extra Mode counterparts. In the original, Kracko was unpredictable while Kracko Jr. followed a distinct pattern. However, as stated above, Kracko's Revenge follows a distinct pattern while Kracko Jr. is unpredictable.


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