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Land Barbar is a large enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Land Barbar is a colossal eel. As its name suggests, it is a land-dwelling relative of the aquatic Barbar. Major differences between the two enemies' appearances include Land Barbar's vast size, red-magenta color scheme, and its bumpy dorsal fin. It also has a long blue tongue with a star on the end. Land Barbar's eyes bug out when alarmed or hurt.


Kirby: Triple DeluxeEdit

Land Barbar only appears in Stage 2 of Endless Explosions and Stage 8 of Royal Road. It makes its home inside a huge metal pipe with only its head and tail poking out. Like its underwater relative, Land Barbar slowly sticks its head out when Kirby approaches, attempting to catch him in its mouth. If it succeeds, it will vigorously chew on him -- the creature will spit him out after enough chewing or if the player mashes the +Control Pad.

If Land Barbar fails to catch Kirby, it will accidentally bite its tongue, stunning itself and exposing its weak spot in the process. After a few seconds, the enemy will come to its senses and retract back into its original position.

Land Barbar is immune to all Copy Abilities except one: the Hypernova ability. When Land Barbar is dazed, Kirby must inhale its star with all his might while walking backwards. When its tongue is stretched far enough, the massive creature will stop resisting and be sucked into Kirby's mouth. Land Barbar will slide down the pink puff's gullet, tail wriggling. Kirby can then travel through the enemy's pipe.


  • When Kirby inhales a Land Barbar, the creature appears to be twice the length of its pipe.