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Last Land
Name (JP) ラスト ランド (Rasuto Rando)
- Meaning Last Land
A place in
Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition
2Level 3-
ThemeBuilding and Another Dimension
Common enemiesArmored Waddle Dee, Big Gordo, Big Waddle Dee, Blade Knight, Blipper, Bowby, Bronto Burt, Cappy, Cerulean, Chilly, Como, Degout, Elec, Flamer, Gemra, Gigatzo, Gold Waddle Dee, Gordo, Hot Head, Juckle, Leafan, Moonja, Mumbies, Needlous, Noddy, Owgulf, Pierce, Poppy Bros. Jr., Puppet Dee, Rocky, Scarfy, Shotzo, Sir Kibble, Sparky, Volttzo, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, Water Galbo, Whippy
Mid-bossesBonkers, Water Galboros, Moundo, Gigant Edge, King Doo, Dubior, Kibble Blade, Whispy Woods

Last Land is the third and final level of Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition. It is the third part of Magolor's three-part amusement park for Kirby, succeeding Happiness Hall and Apricot Atrium. After completing three challenge stages, the credits will roll. Afterward, two more challenge stages will be unlocked. The stages are:

  • Normal Challenge
  • Smash Combat Chamber
  • Smash Combat Chamber EX
  • Magolor Race 3
  • Magolor Race EX
  • Training room (optional)