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Leap KatAM
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror artwork
Name (JP) リープ (Rīpu)
- Meaning Lip
In Games
KAtM logo
Copy AbilityNone
CategoryRegular Enemy

Leap is a blue creature native only to the Mirror World that has tiny wings, rosy cheeks, and appears to wear red lipstick. She mainly attacks by giving Kirby a big kiss. She will latch onto him and plant a big one on him, after which Kirby will then disgustedly clean off his face. When Leap is kissing Kirby, a heart will appear above his head. When Kirby is cleaning his face, he cannot move, which makes him vulnerable to other enemies or falling off the stage. A strange fact is that at first, Kirby seems to enjoy the kiss, but soon the lips prove to be too big for him and he wipes off the lipstick in disgust. Kirby suffers damage if he is kissed.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, an enemy named Bucculus attacks in a very similar way to Leap: a large, unwanted kiss. A defeated Bucculus will often drop a Maxim Tomato. The differences are that Bucculus inflicts much more damage than a Leap, due to the fact that this kiss drains energy, and also, Bucculus resides underground, not in the air.


Leap's name is a corruption of lip, referring to her oversized lips.



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