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Lololo revenge
Kirby Super Star Ultra screenshot
Lololo and Lalala's Revenge
Full name Lololo and Lalala's Revenge
Name (JP) ロロロ&ラララ リベンジ (Lololo&Lalala Ribenji)
- Meaning Lololo & Lalala Revenge
In Games
KSSU logo
Copy abilityNone
Points Given50600

Lololo and Lalala's Revenge is a harder version of Lololo and Lalala, appearing in Revenge of the King and reappearing in The True Arena. Like the regular duo, these two try to overwhelm Kirby by pushing around their boxes. However, as with the other bosses in the sub-game, their battle's difficulty has been significantly raised. The duo is now much faster, hastily speeding down the arena walkways instead of casually strolling around like in the previous face off. They can also push Gordos, and have four rows in which they can move through instead of three. The thin floors that Kirby can jump through now cannot be stood on. Gordos also may appear by themselves. This battle is very similar to the Extra Mode version of the Lololo and Lalala battle in Kirby's Dream Land.

The easiest way to defeat them is with the Hammer, Jet, Plasma, Yo-Yo, or Cutter ability. Kirby must be standing below them to effectively (and safely) damage them, though. They are fought again in The True Arena along with the other bosses of Revenge of the King.

Physical Appearance

Like the rest of the bosses in Revenge of the King, Lololo and Lalala's Revenge is just a mere, purple-themed palette swap of the original. Lololo's Revenge is plum-colored with brown shoes and gloves while Lalala's Revenge is dark orange with lavender shoes and gloves. Lalala's Revenge also wears a hot pink bow on her head.



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