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Mad Apples are small floating green apple-like creatures that appear in Revenge of the King in Kirby Super Star Ultra. They are the stronger counterparts of Scarfy, and will turn into vicious, angry creatures if Kirby tries to inhale it, hit it with a weak attack, and some Mad Apples also transform if Kirby turns his back on them. Compared to Scarfy, Mad Apples have higher health and don't self-destruct as soon. Regularly cheery-looking, bright green, apple-like creatures, Mad Apples turn into bright red, skull-like, apple creatures and start chasing Kirby and self-destruct sometime after. They replace Scarfys in Revenge of the King, and are first seen on the top of the stronghold in the Illusion Islands.

Like Scarfys, Kirby can get the Crash ability from these enemies if he uses the Copy ability on them. However, Mad Apples cannot be inhaled under regular circumstances due to their ability to transform once provoked.

However, a majority of Mad Apples, unlike Scarfys, will dash in a straight line off the screen in their Mutant form, as opposed to chasing Kirby directly.