Name (JP) マイマイゴン (Maimaigon)
- Meaning マイマイ means "snail", affixed with "gon" for "Escargon"
First appearanceKirby: Right Back at Ya! (Shell-Shocked)
Copy AbilityNone
CategoryKirby: Right Back at Ya!
You're finished, Kirby!
— Maimaigoon • Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Although not ordered by Dedede himself, Maimaigoon is a monster from Nightmare Enterprises. Early in the episode, King Dedede breaks Escargoon's shell. Escargoon is so attached to the shell that he makes everyone in the castle go out of their way to get him a new one. Try as everyone might, they just can't please Escargoon. He eventually just gives up and tries one on from Nightmare Enterprises. The tainted shell, however, turns him into the dangerous monster Maimaigoon, who attacks Kirby with his huge tongue and tries to eat him.

Dedede rushes in and throws Kirby his hammer. Kirby breaks free and turns into Hammer Kirby. Kirby bashes Maimaigoon with the hammer, but fails to damage him. The monster, on the other hand, is able to continue on beating Kirby. Kirby tries to damage him again with another powerful Hammer Attack but still fails to leave a dent in Maimaigoon's hard, metal carapace. Kirby attacks him with a Hammer Swing but Maimaigoon just blasts him away with a powerful laser beam projected from his two horns. Kirby finds a chance to attack again and throws his hammer full force at the shell. The hammer gets lodged in Maimaigoon's shell. The shell shatters from the impact and Maimaigoon reverts into a scared and cowering Escargoon.

Physical Appearance

Maimaigoon is basically a mutated Escargoon. Maimaigoon is a giant snail with a high tech shell made of platinum and gold. He has horns on his shell that generate his strongest attack. Almost instantly after donning the shell, Escargoon grows to epic proportions, bears glowing green eyes, and unfurls a long and sticky tongue. Maimaigoon can use his tongue to grab and squeeze his enemies and then eat them.


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