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The 'Course Robo Dedede
Kirby's Dream Course screenshot
Mecha Dedede
Name (JP) メカデデデ
- Meaning Mecha Dedede
In Games
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Copy AbilityNone
CategoryFinal Boss

Mecha Dedede is a final boss in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby's Dream Course. As the name implies, it is a mechanical construction appearing uncannily like King Dedede.

Physical Appearance

Mecha Dedede is a clockwork-like entity that is uncannily similar to King Dedede right down to the proportions and rounded belly, but has a drill in place of its right hand and a clamp in place of its left. It also has other bolts and grates visible across its body.


Kirby's Dream Course

Mecha Dedede appears as the final boss of the game. It slowly approaches Kirby, using Chibi Dededes as its only method of attacking. However, these Chibi Dededes will make Kirby instantly lose a life if they come in contact with him. Mecha Dedede is defeated by being hit enough times.


  • Mecha Dedede's design would be inspiration for later Dedede-inspired robots.
    • HR-D3 maintains the drill on the right hand.
    • Robo Dedede appears very similar, except lacking the drill arm and having a more updated design: it has glowing purple eyes, legs instead of just feet, a yellow bottom section, glove-like hands, and the robe has been replaced by red shoulder pauldrons with a Dedede symbol on each. It is also equipped with a hammer and other weapons.


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