Mega Titan
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Mega Titan
Name (JP) メガタイタン (Megataitan)
In Games
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Copy AbilityNone

Mega Titan is a boss in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. He lurks deep in the heart of Carrot Castle guarding its Mirror Shard and is fought unlike any other boss in the series.


Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

As the fourth boss of the game, Mega Titan guards the Mirror Shard in Carrot Castle. Kirby fights him right after making it through the castle's anteroom. His arena is different than other ones in the game, because flanking either side of the screen are two electrical walls. Mega Titan is only damaged by electrical attacks, so unless Kirby has Spark, Beam, or UFO, he will have to force Mega Titan to collide with the electrified walls. The way to do this is to attack him with any other ability, or the stars generated by him, which will forcibly push him back and into a wall. This may take many hits, depending on where Mega Titan is, so Kirby has to lure him close either side of the arena before attacking. The attacks will do no actual damage, though Mega Titan will sustain massive damage once hitting the wall. After beating Mega Titan's first form, he crashes to the floor in a heap of broken armor.

Right after, the mech's head, called Titan Head, rises from the wreckage and takes over, which begins the second phase of the fight. Its only attack is firing missiles from the top of his body. Kirby can inhale the missiles and shoot them back at him as stars, but they do not give any ability. Because Titan has lost his armor, he can now be damaged directly with either stars or abilities. After defeating him, Kirby gets Carrot Castle's Mirror Shard.

Physical Appearance

Mega Titan is an egregious blue and silver robot residing in the throne room of Carrot Castle, and acts as the palace's defense system and protector of a Mirror Shard. He has a hard sapphire-colored metallic exterior and is capable of hovering. He has four rocket-propelled arms that float beside him that can shoot forward, either in a predetermined formation (e.g. one row) or randomly at will.

Mega Titan's head can function without the rest of its body. When in this state, this part has facial features that resemble those seen on Meta Knight's mask. It is a round silver head with two horns, small arms and tiny yellow eyes, and it has jet pack-like engines that help it float. Its head is also equipped with a missile-shooting cannon.


  • Mega Titan is one of the few non-final bosses that only takes damage from certain copy abilities.




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