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KMA Megatank sprite
Kirby Mass Attack sprite
Name (JP) クアドガン (Kuadogan)
In Games
KMA Logo2
Copy AbilityNone
Points Given3000

Megatank is a mid-boss appearing only in Kirby Mass Attack. It appears in Stage 2 of Volcano Valley. Megatank is battled while the Kirbys are in their tank.

Physical Appearance

Megatank is a giant, tank-like machine, hence the name. It has four eyes, each in a different color (blue, green, yellow, and red). It only opens one eye at a time, opening each only as they are progressively destroyed (i.e., it opens the green eye once the blue one is destroyed, the yellow once the green is destroyed, etc.). It has a conveyor belt on the front, on which buttons and cannons move along. It has three smokestacks on the back, and a toothy grin painted on the side.


Megatank attacks by firing missiles from its cannons at the Kirbys.

How to Defeat

To defeat Megatank, the Kirbys will need to fire themselves at the button that corresponds to the color of Megatank's eye that is currently open. Each eye requires two button presses to destroy. The cannons can also be destroyed. Pressing a skull button, however, cause all of the buttons and cannons to be replaced by only cannons. After the first three eyes are destroyed, Megatank moves off of the screen, and replaces his conveyor belt with three slots, each of which will contain a larger version of the regular buttons or the skull buttons, or cannons. These larger buttons require three hits to depress. The red eye requires three button presses rather than the usual two.


  • Megatank's eyes and toothy smile strongly resemble those of Kabula.


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