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Kirby Super Star screenshot
Name (JP) 機械の星 メックアイ
(Kikai no Hoshi Mekkuai)
- Meaning "Industrial Star Mecheye"
A place in
Milky Way Wishes
Kirby Super Star (Ultra)
5Level 67
ThemeMechanized planet
BossesHeavy Lobster
Common enemiesBirdon, Capsule J2, Capsule J, Gim, Gordo, Laser Ball, Plasma Wisp, Sir Kibble
Mid-bossesPoppy Bros. Sr., Chef Kawasaki, Bugzzy, Mr. Frosty, Jukid, Iron Mom, Bonkers

The Machine Planet Mekkai (originally Mecheye) is the mechanical star of the nearby galaxy in Milky Way Wishes. It is the sixth planet, following Cavius and preceding Halfmoon. It is extremely technologically advanced and well built. The entire star looks hand-made. The entire metropolis is large enough to be viewed from outer space. A lot of the planet features numerous hazards, such as the first room having Gordos and electrical hazards, and the second featuring more Gordos and strong winds. The last room features an elevator which leads to all the mid-bosses, similar to Cavius, except only two are necessary to complete Milky Way Wishes.

Copy Essence Deluxes

  • Yo-Yo: In the windy area in the third room, there is a door on the ceiling. Enter the door. Go down the elevator to the bottom. Enter the next door
  • Plasma: In the room full of Mid-bosses, go up the elevator to the very top and go to the left. After defeating Iron Mam, the Plasma Copy Essence Deluxe will appear.



A mention of Milky Way Wishes planets in Star Fox Zero — The Battle Begins

  • In Star Fox Zero — The Battle Begins, Slippy Toad reads a Nintendo Magazine. The name Mecheye appears on the magazine's cover, alongside Floria, Aqualiss, and Halfmoon. These are direct references to four of the planets in Kirby Super Star's Milky Way Wishes sub-game.

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