Kirby discovers the Metamato!

The Metamato, not to be confused with a Maxim Tomato, is a type of food appearing in the game Kirby's Epic Yarn.

The Metamato looks exactly like a Maxim Tomato, except that it is made of yarn. The item used to belong to Yin-Yarn until Kirby walked by and ate it. The angry sorceror turned Kirby into yarn and sent him to Patch Land.

In this new world, Kirby saw a blue yarn boy named Prince Fluff being chased by a monster. Kirby tried to inhale the monster, but the air went right through him. The pink hero suddenly transformed into a car and saved the prince.


  • The word and noun "Metamato" could be considered a pun of "Maxim Tomato" and is comprised of: meta, often used as a prefix to indicate a concept is being abstracted (e.g., the word "metamorphosis", which means: to change from one form to another); tomato is then added as the suffix.
  • The Metamato can only be found in the opening cutscene.
  • It is possible the Metamato is affiliated with the Metamortex transformations, as Kirby was able to turn himself into a car after he ate it.


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