KEY Red Meteors
Kirby's Epic Yarn screenshot
First appearanceKirby's Epic Yarn (2010)
Latest appearanceKirby Star Allies (2018)
CategoryRegular enemy

Meteors are obstacles found in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are only found in stages of Space Land, specifically in Stellar Way and Moon Base. They come in three different sizes and are similar to comets.

These objects are not technically enemies, and they do not show up on the enemies cast in Patch Plaza. They are not affected by Kirby's nor Prince Fluff's yarn whip or their Weight form, but can be destroyed by yarn ball projectiles or from the Tankbot's missiles.

Meteors reappear in Kirby Star Allies, found in Star Lavadom, Sizzlai Moon, Extra Planet γ, and Extra Planet δ. Meteors cannot be destroyed by the player unless riding the Friend Star while using someone with Splash, Blizzard, or Bluster Star Shots. Meteors appear in set areas and typically fall at a diagonal trajectory, with their impact destroying some of the terrain. This mostly acts as an obstacle, but their ability to destroy terrain is also used in solving certain puzzles.

Physical Appearance

They have the appearance of a meteorite burning in through the atmosphere, with a semi-molten rocky core trailing a halo of yellow and red.