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KTD Miracle Fruit
Kirby: Triple Deluxe screenshot
Miracle Fruit
In Games
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PropertiesGrants Hypernova ability

The Miracle Fruit is an item introduced in Kirby: Triple Deluxe. It is roughly the size of Kirby, and grows on curved vines found exclusively in Floralia. It grows almost instantaneously from a small plant to a fully matured one when Kirby approaches it. When eaten, this fruit grants Kirby the Hypernova ability, which lets his signature inhale "achieve maximum suckitude." Queen Sectonia's flowers devour four of them in The True Arena, causing her to transform into Soul of Sectonia.


Miracle Fruits are shiny, red, drop-shaped fruits encased in a yellow spiral. They cast a blue light and spin as they hang from their vines.


  • Miracle Fruit plants resemble miniature, fully-grown Dreamstalks, with their twisted vines and something special at the top.
  • Miracle Fruit plants can not be passed when found. The screen locks on the area around the plant when it is finished growing, forcing Kirby to eat the Miracle Fruit before he can pass.


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