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KSS Moto Shotzo artwork
Kirby Super Star artwork
Moto Shotzo
Name (JP) モトシャッツォ (Motoshattso)
In Games
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Copy AbilityNone
Points Given500
CategoryRegular enemy

Moto Shotzo is a Shotzo-like enemy that resembles a tank with a white top and cannon, a red bottom, and four round "feet" that it walks and jumps around with. Just like its name suggests, it is very similar to a normal Shotzo, except it is mobile. Unlike normal Shotzos, Moto Shotzos can be destroyed.



Trax box art

  • Moto Shotzo is based off of Trax, the titular character of a Game Boy shooter game that HAL Laboratory created in 1991. Kirby Mass Attack references its origin: As one of Kirby's attacks in Kirby Quest, Kirby flees from a Trax boss while riding a Moto Shotzo.