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KMA Mr. Hook sprite
Kirby Mass Attack sprite
Mr. Hook
Name (JP) ツリィ (Tsuri)
In Games
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Points Given500
CategoryRegular enemy

Mr. Hook is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Mass Attack.

Physical Appearance

Mr. Hook is a blue egg-shaped creature with a mohawk, stubby hands, a tan belly, and brown feet. His face is fish-like, with light blue lips and eyes spread apart. He sits atop a small cloud with a brown fishing rod.


Kirby Mass Attack

Mr. Hook resides off-screen. He hangs his fishing line in the air and uses a fruit as bait. If a Kirby grabs it, Mr. Hook attempts to reel him in, and the remaining Kirbys must try to rescue him. If the Kirby is not rescued in time, he is pulled off-screen and KO'd. If the Kirbys manage to save their companion, they also pull Mr. Hook down to the ground. He squirms but remains in one place, and the Kirbys can rush in and attack him.

Mr. Hook appears exclusively in Dedede Resort, randomly appearing in Stages 1–6. However, he is guaranteed to appear in two rooms; one in Stage 5, where he uses bananas as bait, and another in Stage 10, where he uses a medal as bait. Mr. Hook's presence is given away by the shaking motion his bait produces.


  • Mr. Hook is one of the few enemies to have eyes that are never open. Other enemies like this include Jack, Gip, Batty, and Gaw Gaw.