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KMA Mr. Hook sprite
Kirby Mass Attack sprite
Mr. Hook
Name (JP) ツリィ (Tsuri)
In Games
KMA Logo2
Copy AbilityNone
Points Given500
CategoryRegular enemy

Mr. Hook is an enemy that only appears in Kirby Mass Attack. He is among the most common enemies of Dedede Resort, appearing randomly in Stages 1–6. The only places he always appears at is one room in Stage 5, where he uses bananas as bait; and one room in Stage 10, where he uses a medal as bait.


Mr. Hook usually starts offscreen, using his trusty fishing rod that holds a piece of fruit, in which his presence is given away by shaking fruit. If a Kirby grabs it, Mr. Hook will try to reel in the Kirby, and the remaining Kirbys have to rescue him. If the Kirby isn't rescued in time, he'll be taken offscreen and get KO'd instantly. If the Kirby is rescued, Mr. Hook will fall from the sky and squirm, and the Kirbys can rush in and attack him.


Mr. Hook is a blue, spherical creature with a mohawk, stubby hands, and brown shoes. Its face is fish-like, with light blue lips and eyes spread out. It sits atop a small cloud with a brown fishing rod.


Mr. Hook is named after his weapon; he uses a fishing hook to grab any Kirby that approaches.


  • Mr. Hook is likely based on Lakitu from the Mario series, because both enemies ride clouds and use fishing rods.
  • Mr. Hook is one of the few enemies to have eyes but never to be seen with them open. Other enemies like this include Jack, Nruff, Gip, Batty, and Gaw Gaw.


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