KEY Mt. Slide
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Mt. Slide
A place in
Kirby's Epic Yarn
31Stage 6/3 (32)33
WorldSnow Land
ThemeSnowy mountainside
TreasuresFurniture: Knit-Cap Sofa, Snowman; Mt. Slide CD
Common enemiesBronto Burt, Spear Waddle Dee
Special notesMetamortex: Spin Boarder
Use the Spin Boarder Metamortex to hit the slopes on Mt. Slide. Dodge Waddle Dees and falling icicles, and watch the skies for Bronto Burts. Spring from the treetops and use the boosts to soar to new heights!
— Official guide

Mt. Slide is the 32nd level in Kirby's Epic Yarn and third in Snow Land, the sixth world in the game. It comes after Cozy Cabin and precedes Frosty Wheel.

The level is a snowy mountainside where Kirby slides down while in the Spin Boarder metamortex form. The surroundings are full of pine trees with the occasional obstacle, hazard, or springboard.


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Kirby's Epic Yarn: Mt. Slide
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  • According to the European Kirby's Epic Yarn website, the developer team's bead and streak records in Mt. Slide were 3631 and 268, respectively.[1]


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