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Music Note
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PropertiesUnlocks music for the Sound Player

Music Notes are items that Kirby needs in order for the Sound Player to function properly. They are found in Treasure Chests. They've appeared so far in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror and Kirby: Squeak Squad. There are SFX Notes for the sound player as well.

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror

  • Kirby's Sounds
  • Happy Notes
  • Battle Notes
  • Spunky Notes
  • Beginning Notes
  • Sound Effects
  • Secret Sounds
  • Secret Notes
  • Dream Notes
  • Enemy Sounds

Kirby: Squeak Squad

  1. Beginning Notes: Music 4-8
  2. Kirby's Sounds: Sounds 0-92
  3. Familiar Notes: Music 24-31
  4. Party Notes: Music 0-3
  5. Enemy Sounds: Sounds 93-141
  6. Sound Effects: Sounds 142-202
  7. Happy Notes: Music 9-13
  8. Secret Sounds: Sounds 203-239
  9. Spunky Notes: Music 14-18
  10. Battle Notes: Music 19-23
  11. Secret Notes: Music 32-36

Music Note Locations

  • Beginning Notes: 1-2, only Treasure Chest
  • Kirby's Sounds: 2-1, second Treasure Chest
  • Familiar Notes: 3-2, first Treasure Chest
  • Party Notes: Secret, second Treasure Chest
  • Enemy Sounds: 5-1, first Treasure Chest
  • Sound Effects: 6-1, second Treasure Chest
  • Happy Notes: 6-4, second Treasure Chest
  • Secret Sounds: 7-1, first Treasure Chest
  • Spunky Notes: 7-3, second Treasure Chest
  • Battle Notes: 8-1, first Treasure Chest
  • Secret Notes: 8-3, second Treasure Chest




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