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Nature Notch Map
Kirby: Squeak Squad screenshot
Nature Notch
Name (JP) ネイチャーネイベル (Neichāneiberu)
- Meaning from "Nature Navel"
A place in
Kirby: Squeak Squad
1Level 23
ThemeGreek/Roman inspired garden, caves
BossesMrs. Moley
Common enemiesAcchi, Batty, Big Waddle Dee, Blipper, Boxin, Bronto Burt, Bubble Head, Bun, Chip, Crimp, Cupie, Flamer, Foley, Gaw Gaw, Gold Waddle Dee, Gordo, Heavy Knight, Hot Head, Maiga, Metalun, Noddy, Parasol, Parasol Waddle Dee, Pengi, Perara, Scarfy, Shotzo, Sir Kibble, Snooter, Sparky, Squeakers, Sword Knight, Uja, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, Wheelie
Mid-bossesGao Gao, Big Metalun, Bonkers
From cavernous castles to flowery fields, Nature Notch challenges Kirby with a variety of terrain.
— Official Kirby: Squeak Squad website

Nature Notch is the second level of Kirby: Squeak Squad. It follows Prism Plains and precedes Cushy Cloud.

General Information

Kirby reaches Nature Notch when King Dedede hurls him at the Squeaks after they flee his castle. He, along with the Squeaks, fall through a strange chasm, which is actually the passageway into Nature Notch. Like most areas of Dream Land, this level ranges from many environments. Most notable though is a large flower-covered field, followed by a large cave of shimmering crystals. Most known for its wide array of beautiful flowers, Nature Notch also features ancient architecture in the fields and the occasional tornado. The level also goes through a desert, an underground, magma-filled cave, and as a dispirited soil patch made home to the boss, Mrs. Moley. This level introduced the Metal ability, as well as the Bubble ability.





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