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KPL Nimbus sprite
Kirby's Pinball Land sprite
In Games
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Points Given800
CategoryRegular Enemy
If Pinball Kirby hits Nimbus three times, it will start to rain and the Big Kirby will open his umbrella.
— Kirby's Pinball Land instruction manual

Nimbus is an enemy in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby's Pinball Land.

Physical Appearance

Nimbus is a wide cloud enemy with two eyes and a mouth.


Kirby's Pinball Land

Nimbus floats back and forth at the top of Kracko Land's middle stage, just above a large Kirby. If the player launches the pinball Kirby into Nimbus three times, the enemy is angered and floats over the large Kirby. Nimbus then releases a downpour. In turn, the large Kirby pulls out a parasol to block the rain; the player then has a limited time to land his/her Kirby on the parasol. If he/she succeeds, the large Kirby Circus Throws the pinball Kirby to the top stage.


  • Nimbus is named after the cloud of its same name, which is a precipitation cloud and casts thunder bolts.


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