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Name (JP) オドルタコス (Odorutakosu)
In Games
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CategoryRegular Enemy
These are Capamari's wacky kids. They all attack at once.
— Octopea's Cast Description • Kirby's Epic Yarn

Octopea are enemies appearing in the game Kirby's Epic Yarn. They only can be seen during the battle with Capamari and in the Capamari portion of Yin-Yarn's battle.


Octopeas are small, orange octopi that are the children of Capamari.


Octopeas attack Kirby and Prince Fluff by using a surge attack, similar to Dolphin's. The enemy will dance and spin around a bit and then move in a set direction, either vertically or horizontally. These enemies can be whipped up and thrown at Capamari, stunning him and revealing his weak spot.

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