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Kirby's Epic Yarn screenshot
Name (JP) スペースブンブン (Supēsubunbun)
- Meaning "Space buzzer"
In Games
Epic Yarn Logo
CategoryRegular enemy
This space bug likes to attack in formation with a swarm of its closest friends.
— Orbitfly's Cast Description • Kirby's Epic Yarn

Orbitflies are enemies appearing in the game Kirby's Epic Yarn. They only appear in the Stellar Way and Outer Rings levels. They are the spatial species of Buttonflies.


Orbitflies are small, light blue buttons with transparent wings. Two tiny pieces of string make up its tail, and yarn runs through its back, creating a pattern of two lines.


Orbitflies attack Kirby and Prince Fluff by flying into them. They can only be defeated when Kirby or Prince Fluff shoot them while in Rocket form. Orbitflies attack in patterns and can even hide behind the background in parts of the level.


  • Unlike Buttonflies, Buttonbees, and Buttonbugs, Orbitflies do not home onto enemies when thrown. This can only be found be hacking the game, as Orbitflies are never found outside of Rocket Metamortex sequences.

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