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Full name Biggie, Bony, Sleepy
Name (JP) オタキング (Otakingu)
- Meaning オタク (Otaku) means "geek"
First AppearanceKirby: Right Back at Ya! (Tooned Out)
Last AppearanceKirby: Right Back at Ya! (Tooned Out)
AffiliationNightmare Enterprises

The Otakings (Biggie (called Piggie in Japan), Bony, and Sleepy) are otakus and expert animators who had recently signed a contract with Nightmare. King Dedede purchased this trio of otakus from Nightmare Enterprises to help him create his own cartoon starring the King as the hero and Kirby as the bad guy. However, the Otakings thought that Tiff would make a better TV star, so they at first followed her around often and took many pictures of her, much to her disgust. Dedede was not happy with them for wanting to make Tiff the star instead of him, so he bought Anige (who was disguised as Dis Walney when he was delivered to the King) to help him create his own cartoon as the Otakings would not create the cartoon he wanted them to. Shortly after Anige's destruction, the King put the Otakings' creation on display hoping that the show they created for him was Dedede's cartoon, but, to his horror, it was still Tiff's own show. Interestingly enough, the Otakings had created a show that starred a much taller and more personified anime-styled version of Tiff (even adding exaggerated breasts, (which were censored to a degree in the 4Kids dub) and longer legs with orange tights) to the horror of everybody (even Dedede) except the Otakings. Angry with this, Tiff chased the Otakings with a mallet similar to Dedede's, and Kirby was followed by the Otakings (but happily just playing around as he did so). That was the last time we saw the Otakings.

In the dub, the Otakings have a personality similar to hippies, and speak like hippies and surfers (for example, they happen to say "dude" a lot).

Physical Appearance

Kirby episode 89

Escargoon with the Otakings

Biggie is a round otaku. He has a large chin and wears transparent light blue glasses over his often-closed eyes, and wears a blue cap backwards on his head. He wears yellow shoes as well as a red-and-blue T-shirt, and he wears a full-body apron over it.

Bony is a tall, lanky otaku. His long black hair covers his eyes, as does the yellow bandana he always wears. He wears a light blue long-sleeved shirt with a pink, open T-shirt over it. He wears long red pants and green shoes.

Sleepy is a short otaku with a mouth that looks somewhat like that of a fish. He wears round white glasses over his eyes, has a large chin, and has human-like ears and yellow hair. He wears a white T-shirt and red shoes and carries around a camera with him, just like his two friends Biggie and Bony do often.


  • A few scenes show that the Otakings own figurines of the Island Sisters (as well as a magazine sporting their image on the cover) and mini-figures from Snack Attack - Part I. The only figures they don't own are Meta Knight (the rarest) and Trooper (the most common).
  • Biggie's name was most likely lost in translation, as ピ/Pi and ビ/Bi are visually similar in Japan.

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