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An example of Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land's pause screen, in which the player has obtained Throw.

The Pause Screen, also called the Subscreen, is a screen that appears in almost every video game, the Kirby series included. The screen often pauses the game and gives the player the options such as to exit the level, exit to the main menu, or save their progress thus far.

In the Kirby series, the pause screen also provides a small description of Kirby's current Copy Ability- these descriptions are called flavor texts. In some games the player can also scroll around through a few pages of the pause screen. Each of the pages often include in-depth details of Kirby's abilities and sometimes even info on the boss Kirby is currently fighting. They also may show the player's current score and Kirby's remaining health. Many subscreens also range in their contents, while some simply provide the option to quit the game, others such as the one in The Great Cave Offensive shows Kirby's inventory.

Also, in Kirby Super Star Ultra, when fighting Marx, Kabula, Masked Dedede, Wham Bam Jewel, Galacta Knight, or Marx Soul, there will be a short description for each of these villains. The same thing happens in most games directed by Shinya Kumazaki, specifically Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Kirby: Triple Deluxe, and Kirby: Planet Robobot.

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