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Kirby & The Amazing Mirror background
Peppermint Palace
Name (JP) ペパーミントパレス (Pepāmintoparesu)
- Meaning from "Peppermint Palace"
A place in
Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
6Area 78
ThemeIcy Palace
Common enemiesBatty, Blipper, Boxin, Bronto Burt, Chip, Cookin, Cupie, Droppy, Flamer, Foley, Giant Rocky, Glunk, Golem, Gordo, Heavy Knight, Hot Head, Laser Ball, Leap, Metal Guardian, Mirra, Noddy, Parasol, Parasol Waddle Dee, Pengi, Prank, Rocky, Roly-Poly, Scarfy, Shadow Kirby, Shooty, Shotzo, Sir Kibble, Snooter, Sparky, Sword Knight, Twister, UFO, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo
Mid-bossesMr. Frosty, Bonkers, Box Boxer, Phan Phan, Bombar

Peppermint Palace is the seventh level in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror following Olive Ocean and preceding Radish Ruins.

General Information

Peppermint Palace is a pristine tower made out of ice that is found on the outskirts of Rainbow Route in the Mirror World. It is located between Mustard Mountain and Carrot Castle. The level takes place both inside the actual palace itself, and in the prismatic crystalline mountains situated around it.

The first part of the level is takes place inside the tower, where most of the treasure is located, and then the latter of the level is spent in the cold mountains that connects to the other side of the palace where Wiz, the level's boss, is located. The entirety of Peppermint Palace is an icy level, so it's pretty tricky and easy to slide around in. Due to the icy ramps inside the palace, Laser is a useful ability to have. Ice is also useful, as Kirby will not slip on icy grounds. Thanks to the abundance of Pengis and Sword Knights in the level both the Ice and Sword abilities can easily be accessed here, too.


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Theme - Peppermint Palace
Theme in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror
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Peppermint Palace is the seventh area in the Mirror World of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. It is a sparkling, crystalline ice tower on the outskirts of Rainbow Route.



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