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KPL Pinball Lands

Pinball Land selection screen

A Pinball Land is a pinball table area located in Dream Land. Three of them serve as the main setting of Kirby's Pinball Land.

Every stage of every Pinball Land has a drain, two flippers, two slingshots, two outlanes, and two rollover switches. Rolling over a rollover switch will cause a Pep Brew to appear in the outlane on the other side of the stage (this Pep Brew will disappear after one use or after a certain amount of time). Hitting a Maxim Tomato somewhere on the stage or causing Kirby Triplets to line up correctly will create a Maxim Tomato, which blocks the drain. This too will disappear after a certain amount of time or if Kirby falls to a lower stage.

Each Pinball Land is constructed of a bottom stage, a middle stage, and a top stage. A Warp Star in the middle stage can take Kirby to an optional sub-game. A Warp Star in the top stage can take him to the boss of the Pinball Land.


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