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KPL Pinball Lands

Pinball Land selection screen

A Pinball Land is a pinball table area located in Dream Land. Three of them serve as the main setting of Kirby's Pinball Land.

Every stage of every Pinball Land has a drain, two flippers, two slingshots, two outlanes, and two rollover switches. Rolling over a rollover switch will cause a Pep Brew to appear in the outlane on the other side of the stage (this Pep Brew will disappear after one use or after a certain amount of time). Hitting a Maxim Tomato somewhere on the stage or causing Kirby Triplets to line up correctly will create a Maxim Tomato, which blocks the drain. This too will disappear after a certain amount of time or if Kirby falls to a lower stage.

Each Pinball Land is constructed of a bottom stage, a middle stage, and a top stage. A Warp Star in the middle stage can take Kirby to an optional sub-game. A Warp Star in the top stage can take him to the boss of the Pinball Land.

When Kirby conquers a Pinball Land, the Warp Star leading to it disappears and is replaced with an orb. The orb constantly changes what letter is printed on it, from E, X, T, R, and A. If Kirby hits enough letter orbs to spell out the word "EXTRA," he is awarded a 1UP.


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