Episode(#J47 / #E42)
Ep47 Pink-Collar Blues
Pink-Collar Blues
Name (JP) 帰れ、愛しのワドルディ
- Meaning Come Home, Dear Waddle Dee
Air Date (NA)April 19, 2003
Air Date (JP)August 31, 2002
Copy AbilityStone
Demon BeastDomestic Servant Robot

Pink-Collar Blues is the 47th episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It revolves around the Waddle Dees in Castle Dedede, and also features Captain Waddle Doo and the Domestic Servant Robot.


King Dedede gets fed up for having to wait hours and hours for a tea refill to come from his attendant Waddle Dees. As usual, he looks to Nightmare Enterprises to provide an alternative to his Waddle Dee workforce, and orders a servant robot which works at 1,000 times the efficiency of a Waddle Dee. Eventually, Dedede decided that he no longer needs Waddle Dees anymore, and sends them off, but Domestic Servant Robot isn't all about cleaning and attending to Dedede.

Episode Summary

KSSU Kirby run
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King Dedede is browsing through his monster catalogues, when he asks a Waddle Dee for a tea refill. several hours have passed and the Waddle Dee has still not brought him the refill. it wasn't until the end of the day, when three Waddle Dees finally bring Dedede more tea. Escargoon comes outside and asks if he enjoyed his day, but Dedede tells him that the Waddle Dees took hours for his refill. Escargoon asks who is responsible for taking his majesty order to the kitchen, but none of the Waddle Dees gives a clear answer. Dedede gets angry and says he'll "make some big changes around here".

Ep47 Pink-Collar Blues4

Escargoon forgets his count

Escargoon starts counting the number of Waddle Dees in the castle, but Kirby says hello to him and he makes him lose count at 1,210 Waddle Dees. He summons Waddle Doo with hopes of a total, but all he knows is there are a lot of them in the castle. Escargoon tells Dedede that there’s too many to count, and Dedede complains about the amount of money to pay for their services. They ask Customer Service for a monster replacement of all the Waddle Dees, and he gives them the Domestic Servant Robot, which proceeds to finish chores at a far higher efficiency than the Waddle Dees.

Ep47 Pink-Collar Blues2

Waddle Dee mass exodus

Waddle Doo eventually asks the King for all the Waddle Dees to have one day off every year, and an impatient Dedede ends up firing all of them. Fololo and Falala tell Tiff's family and Kirby about this, and Tiff has a talk with Dedede about firing them, and Escargoon said the robot works better than one million Waddle Dees. All the Waddle Dees leave the castle and head towards a cave at the beach. Tiff, Tuff, Kirby, Mayor Len, Chief Bookem, and Professor Curio follow them without being seen, and wonder what the cave’s contents are. Curio speculates that the Waddle Dees are trying to return home across the sea, and they only stayed because they wanted to repay their debt to Dedede for giving them a place to stay. When trying to sneak in, a crab, which is Kany, attacks Kirby and gives them away, and the Waddle Dees all charge at them. Waddle Doo gets them under control, but the Waddle Dees remain secretive about the cave – Waddle Doo says they deline to give an answer.

Ep47 Pink-Collar Blues3

Escargoon's lets word of his hidden stash slip

Kirby gets disguised as a Waddle Dee, and sneaks into the cave to take photographs. The only useful photograph is one that contains a crate.

Meanwhile, the robot stealthily enters Escargoon’s room, but Meta Knight sees it. Escargoon was then told that his cache box is empty, but was promptly distracted by Dedede arguing about playing mini golf. Escargoon later discovers all his retirement fund gone, and Dedede his treasure, but they blame the Waddle Dees. Meta Knight asks the two to follow him, and they discover the robot in the middle of transporting a handful of jewelry (from Escargoon’s box) to Customer Service. The two tried to stop the robot, but it fired lasers at them and attacked the castle.

Robot Batte Mode

Domestic Servant Robot transforms

Waddle Doo saw the castle under attack, and ordered all the Waddle Dees back to help. They managed to save Dedede and Escargoon from falling flat on their face from falling from stories up high, and reflected a laser beam aimed straight at Dedede’s face back at the robot, but it survives. The robot transforms into a form better suited for battle, and is immune to Waddle Dees’ spears. Kirby transforms using his Stone ability and pins the robot to the ground, and the Waddle Dees partially dismantle it using hand tools, before Kirby stomps it one final time into pieces.

Ep47 Pink-Collar Blues5

Waddle Dees pick the robot apart

Waddle Doo had the crate from the cave carried back to Dedede, and said the Waddle Dees hid it away, and was being very protective and secretive about it because they did not trust the robot. In the end, the Waddle Doo and the Waddle Dees get hired once again, and the Waddle Dees do the Kirby Dance, with Kirby finishing it with them.

End of spoilers

Changes in the dub

  • The catalog has the words "Catalog" and "Holy Nightmare Co" airbrushed out.
  • Originally the salesman tells Dedede "Welcome to Holy Nightmare Co", but in the dub he says "No more monsters until you pay your bills".


  • Many Kirby songs appeared this episode, such as the invincibility theme, Kirby Super Star Arena, and Kirby Dance theme. All of them are removed in the English dub.
  • The Waddle Dees did the Kirby dance at the end of the episode.
  • Octacon, Chilly, and Tornadon make cameos in the Monster catalog King Dedede was reading at the beginning of this episode.
  • In Delivery Dilemma, Waddle Doo orders 2,000 steak sandwiches for the Waddle Dees of Castle Dedede. This may be the number of Waddle Dees that live and work there.
  • This is one of two episodes where Kirby is dressed up like a Waddle Dee; the other is in Waddle While You Work.

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