Charge up electricity for a powerful attack!
— Kirby Battle Royale - Kirby's 25th Anniversary Copy Ability Poll

Plasma is one of Kirby's Copy Abilities, first seen in Kirby Super Star.

General Information

Plasma is somewhat similar to Spark in the sense that the two abilities focus on green electricity/plasma. The differences between the two is similar to the Freeze and Ice abilities (or the Fire and Burning abilities) in that the two abilities have different styles of attack. Plasma would be a more projectile attack, while Spark is more stationary. As of Kirby: Squeak Squad, however, the Spark ability has shown elements of Plasma, such as rotating the +Control Pad to build up an electrical blast that can pass through walls and damage enemies.

Unlike other abilities, Kirby stores up energy every time the +Control Pad is pressed. As more power builds, the stronger the projectile Kirby will fire, and at maximum power Kirby's body begins to glow, covered in an electrical "shield". If the shield is not fired it acts as a force field that protects him from projectiles, enemies, and other such baddies. At full charge, Plasma Wave's range is essentially infinite, and the projectile travels until it hits an enemy or wall. This makes it the furthest-hitting Copy Ability in the game, not counting single-use ones like Crash, or Magic in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.

Kirby passively loses one charge per second if he has any built up. When any projectile is fired, all the built-up charges are expended. To gather charges without actually moving, have Kirby guard to fix his position, then press the directional buttons.

In Kirby Super Star, Kirby stores one charge per +Control Pad button pressed; Kirby Super Star registers simultaneous button presses as distinct, so up/left, down/right, etc. would count as 2 charges each. However, in Kirby Super Star Ultra, he stores one charge each time the player presses +Control Pad buttons. Thus, Kirby Super Star Ultra would count those simultaneous inputs as 1 charge each, halving the effective speed in which Plasma can be charged. This has a significant effect on Plasma's power in both games; in Kirby Super Star, it is considered very desirable to have against bosses, while in Kirby Super Star Ultra, it is used more often on the field.

Plasma does not exhibit passive charge loss nor give the Plasma Shield at full charge in Kirby Air Ride, and Kirby cannot charge the Air Ride Machine without firing the full charge built up on the gauge, since both actions share the same button.

Plasma's attacks were merged into the Spark ability in Kirby's Return to Dream Land; Spark now possesses several of Plasma's attacks, including the Plasma Barrier and Wave Cannon at full charge.

Despite this form of Spark appearing in both Kirby: Triple Deluxe and Kirby: Planet Robobot, Plasma still makes a reappearance in Kirby Star Allies. It uses the redesigned hat seen in Kirby Air Ride, but doesn't turn Kirby green. Plugg appears as its friend, rather than Plasma Wisp.

The name of the ability, Plasma, is derived from the real-life state of matter with the same name, usually an ionized gas with unique properties. Strong electrical charges are often associated with it.

Move Set


All built-up charges are expended when any projectiles are fired.

Move Controls Description Notes Element
Plasma Needle 0-2 charges + B/Y Kirby fires off one weak electric needle which travels about as far as Beam's range. It does little damage, but can be used in rapid succession. Great for picking off enemies at short-range. N/A Electricity
Plasma Arrow 3-6 charges + B/Y Kirby fires off one arrow-shaped electric charge with double the range of Plasma Needle and slightly more damage. N/A Electricity
Plasma Spark 7-9 charges + B/Y Kirby discharges a small spark that flies ahead. Heavy damage, but slow-moving and has shorter range than Plasma Arrow. N/A Electricity
Plasma Laser 10-15 charges + B/Y Kirby fires off a large, powerful arrow. Slightly more damage than Plasma Spark and projectile travels full screen width.
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Has the same properties but can go through edges of walls and has slight homing ability.
Plasma Wave Full charge (16+ charges) + B/Y Kirby fires his Plasma Barrier. Projectile is fast and large, travels past screen border, and deals heavy damage. Kirby also emits a small discharge behind him.
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The discharge deals as much damage as the projectile in Kirby Super Star, but only 40% of that damage in Ultra.
Plasma Barrier Full charge (16+ charges) Kirby creates a protective electric shield which repulses regular enemies and destroys incoming projectiles.
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Each hit received depletes one charge until not enough remain for the shield to remain active. The shield activates automatically when Kirby reaches full charge, and leaves once he uses Plasma Wave. If Kirby moves too fast and touches an enemy or boss himself, he takes damage regardless.
Plasma Spray B (No charge) Kirby fires a small flurry of Plasma Bolts off in front of him.
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This attack is exclusive to Kirby Air Ride.
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Plasma Zap
B (Slight charge) Kirby fires two rounds of small Plasma Bolts in rapid succession.
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This attack is exclusive to Kirby Air Ride.
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Plasma Comets
B (Medium charge) This fires off three strong comets which travel across the ground.
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This attack is exclusive to Kirby Air Ride.

Damage Values

Move Damage
KSSU logo
Plasma Needle 8
Plasma Arrow 10
Plasma Spark 30
Plasma Laser 32
Plasma Wave 40 (front blast, back discharge) 40 (front blast), 16 (back discharge)
Plasma Barrier 6

In the Super Smash Bros. series

Plasma appears as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.

Flavor texts

GameFlavor text
Shock your enemies by firing sparks! Move the +Control Pad to store energy and really electrocute those enemies.
KSSU logo
Tap the +Control Pad to make and store an electric charge! Plasma Shots go through walls.

Related Quotes

Kirby when he inhales Plasma Wisps, which glow with a neon green flame. Plasma Kirby can charge the plasma strength up to a maximum level of 5 by furiously pressing buttons. In Kirby Super Star, your attack - be it a Plasma Laser or a Plasma Wave - varies with the length of time you charge it.
— Trophy description • Super Smash Bros. Brawl
What does the aurora borealis have in common with lightning? Plasma! And what does Plasma Kirby have in common with them? Hrm. Maybe that was too easy... Anyway, Plasma Kirby can build up plasma using the +Control Pad and fire it with the B button. You can look up more about plasma if you want, but firing plasma is what's important here.
— Trophy description • Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS


  • As Plasma was originally a palette swap of Fire and Ice, it is usually taken after the latter's common appearance, with glowing, static crystals forming out of its hat. However, it was still a palette swap of Fire rather than Ice in Kirby Super Star Ultra, turning the crystallized electricity into flowing sparks of electric flame. This makes it nearly indistinguishable from the original ability cap of Spark, with the only difference being a modified, golden zig-zag band and triangular light-green gem based on the one he had from Kirby Air Ride. In addition, the remake recolored Kirby's skin green, whereas he was a pale-ish pink in the original version (a similar color was redistributed to Mirror).
  • Plasma is one of two abilities in Kirby Air Ride to not appear in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, the other being Freeze.
  • In the 25th Anniversary Poll that ran on the Official Kirby Website, Plasma was unveiled on November 6, 2017 to have been the fifth place winner.[1]



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