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Copy Abilities

The signature of the Kirby franchise, Copy abilities allow Kirby to transform and attain additional powers in one of many ways. They are first introduced in Kirby's Adventure.

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DFinalL Love-Love Stick DFinalR
Love-Love Stick
Love-Love Stick is a copy ability used in Kirby's Dream Land 3 against Dark Matter and Zero. It is named after and bestowed by the Final Weapon of the same name, which is also known as the Heart Rod, a golden-heart-tipped wand. The wand is assembled from all thirty Heart Stars and has the ability to launch hearts as projectiles, similar to stars.

Other Abilities

Although not as common, Kirby has a few other moves which are not copy abilities:

Image Needed Slide Spitstar2
Grab attack Slide attack Star Spit

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