Copy Abilities

The signature of the Kirby franchise, Copy Abilities allow Kirby to transform and attain additional powers in one of many ways. They are first introduced in Kirby's Adventure.

Randomizer: (edit) (Randomize!) (All)
A one-use ability that gives the single highest one-shot damage that takes out everything on the screen, and makes bosses think twice before crossing Crash Kirby. In Kirby's Adventure, Kirby freezes everything on-screen on the spot and warps around obliterating everything, but in subsequent games, he releases a pulse that achieves the same effect. Crash Kirby has no hat in the games, but he wears a yellow and blue decorative helmet in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.

Other Abilities

Although not as common, Kirby has a few other moves which are not Copy Abilities:

Image Needed Slide Spitstar2
Grab attack Slide attack Star Spit

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