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Copy Abilities

The signature of the Kirby franchise, Copy Abilities allow Kirby to transform and attain additional powers in one of many ways. They are first introduced in Kirby's Adventure.

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Hammer is an ability of extremes. It is one of Kirby's most powerful unlimited-use abilities, with enough power to take out most normal enemies in one go, but it is also notoriously difficult to obtain; It is only given by Bonkers the mini-boss. Orange Dygclops from Heavy Mole also gives Hammer, but obtaining it this way is risky, as the red ones give Kirby Sleep instead, and leaves him vulnerable. If Kirby is fortunate, however, he can sometimes find it from a Copy Pedestal. Kirby wears a headband of blue and white fabric while using Hammer.

Other Abilities

Although not as common, Kirby has a few other moves which are not copy abilities:

Image Needed Slide Spitstar2
Grab attack Slide attack Star Spit

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