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Allies and Playable Characters
Prince Fluff

Allies are anyone who has helped Kirby before.

KEY AngieCrop Gooey2 Lalalaanime Lololoanime Ribbon64 Tiffdf Tuff2
Two kirbys

Sometimes more than one Kirby is seen simultaneously. Kirby was split into four separate beings by Dark Meta Knight in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, and two in The Fofa Factor, by Slice n' Splice. In the Super Smash Bros. series, different players can play as Kirby simultaneously and perform a palette swap (color change) so the characters look different from one another.

Keeby is identical to Kirby apart from color, and has only appeared in Kirby's Dream Course It is not known whether Keeby is Yellow Kirby.

Kirby 10 Yellow kirby Redkirbyssbb BlueBrawl Greenkirbyssbb Greykirbyssbb Purple Kirby Brown Kirby2 Keebyartwork

Animal Friends
Animal Friends 1

Animal Friends are allies first appearing in Kirby's Dream Land 2 who assist Kirby with puzzle-solving or by making use of his Copy Abilities in certain ways.

ChuChu Coo1 Gooey2 Kine Anime Nago2 Pitch1 Rick

First featured in Kirby Super Star, Kirby can forfeit further use of his current Copy Ability by summoning a Helper, which usually has similar abilities.

See Helper article for list of helpers

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KEY Carrie
Carrie is the tenant in Apartment 202 in Dom Woole's apartment building in Quilty Square of Patch Land in Kirby's Epic Yarn. She offers a small collection of minigames where Kirby has to carry her to a certain location within a time limit, after Kirby decorates her room with the appropriate furniture obtained from the various Treasure chests in the game. Like all the other tenants, she sometimes visits Kirby in Kirby's Pad, and she offers a secret fabric after all his minigames and the main story has been completed.

Villains and Enemies


Villains are plot-centric characters who go against Kirby.

Zero2 Customer Service Art Darkmatter Darkmind1 Dorocche2 Drawciasorceress Dedede
Kracko Marx wings Marx Soul Nightmarewizard WhispywoodsKSS Yin Yarn Zero
Demon Beasts

Demon Beasts are monstrous creatures seen in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, created by Nightmare to take over the known universe.

Nightmare's operations are funded by his sales team including Customer Service, his No.2 and right-hand man, who makes Nightmare Enterprises a hefty profit from selling Demon Beasts to clients for their own needs.


Most of the time, enemies in the Kirby series refer to regular enemies. These are any common characters hostile towards Kirby and have less-than-significant role in the plot.

BlipperKCC Bomber BrontoburtKAR Chilly KNiD Scarfy Shotzo Waddledee3 Waddledoo

Enemies by threat: Regular enemy | Large enemy | Mid-boss | Boss | Final Boss

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DVillainL King Dedede DVillainR
King Dedede for SSB4
Perhaps the most iconic villian of the Kirby series, King Dedede has been around and in Kirby's way since Kirby's Dream Land, the first ever title to be released; the only game to not feature him as of 2011 is Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. He is a rather portly penguin-like character, wielding his iconic barrel-headed hammer with the star embelm.
While not inherently evil, Dedede causes all sorts of trouble in Dream Land, such as taking a bath in the Fountain of Dreams. While his everyday actions make it seem otherwise, he takes the safety of Dream Land very seriously, and although his plans are not always known by or agreed to by everyone, it is arguably effective, such as Dedede stealing the Star Rod and breaking it up, simply because he wishes it to be outside of Nightmare's hands.
In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, his character is rather more shallow and dim-witted than depicted in the games, and seeks to straight-out humiliate and defeat Kirby just because he wants him away from Cappy Town. His plans backfire far more often than is healthy for Escargoon and himself, however.

Special Roles

The Kirby series is not known for its complicated characters, but there are special ones just the same. These are characters who defy classification into straight hero or villain, and can neither be enemy nor friend to Kirby, or appear to be one or the other.

AR Meta Knight

A solitary character and one of few words, he can be friend or foe depending on what he seeks. His plans are as unpredictable as his appearances on the battlefield, which presents a powerful force to be reckoned with. Add in the fact that he zealously guards his true looks and his code of honour, Meta Knight is the character of intrigue that everyone has come to know.


Nova is a giant clockwork comet in Kirby Super Star and its remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra. He is summoned by the powers of the Dream Fountains and has the power to grant a wish. Who he grants the wish to is not fixed, however, and Marx took advantage of that to wish for control over Dream Land.


Samus Aran is female protagonist and bounty hunter from the Metroid series, and features as a cameo playable character in Kirby's Dream Land 3 and in the Super Smash Bros. series. She asks Kirby to eliminate a group of Metroids in exchange for a Heart Star.

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