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Kirbyball(T|C) Stubs: Articles lacking basic information. They should be expanded to general quality standards.

Level Map (1068) • Potion (1138) • Sir Ebrum (1307) • Rolling Turtle (2009) •

Kirbyball(T|C) Section stubs: Articles with only specific sections requiring expansion.

Frigid Fjords (1326) • Moon Base (1786) • Mole Hole (1948) • Boom Boatyard (1973) •

Cleaningkirby2(T|C) Clean Up: Articles requiring stylistic and grammatical correction, higher-quality images, removal of unnecessary information.

EXP Orb (700) • Pappy Pottey and the Fool's Stone (3046) • King Doo (4042) • Holo Defense API (10064) •

Pinceau(T|C) Pics Needed: Articles requiring additional supporting pictographic material.

Mabel Turns the Tables (2166) • ENeMeE Elementary (5370) • A Dental Dilemma (6134) • Access Ark (16575) •

Hammerkirby(T|C) Construction: Articles currently under active construction.

Pappy Pottey and the Fool's Stone (3046) • Poison (3691) • HAL Laboratory (6060) • Super Smash Bros. series (31678) •

Crash(T|C) Deletion: Pages / sections in any namespace tagged for deletion. (Delete Log)


NC No Category: Uncategorized pages on mainspace, not including Main Page.

Dream Kingdom (1511) • Vigor (4436) •

Wanted Pages: Requested articles by number of red links.


Orphaned: Pages with no links from anywhere else.


Orphaned talk: Talk pages where the main page no longer exists.

Portal: Help Out/Orphaned talk

Dead-end: Pages with no links to any other page.


Redirects: Pages that redirect to another page.


Double Redirects: Redirects that lead to another redirect. Both should be redirected to the intended target page.


Broken Redirects: Redirects that lead to a non-existent page. Target article should be created or the redirect should be fixed.


Unused files: Files not used on any page. These should be made use of or tagged with {{delete}}.


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