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Top Ride: Sky
Alt track: Revenge of Meta Knight's cinematic track (KSS / KSSU)
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Sky is one of the Top Ride courses in Kirby Air Ride. Like Metal, the difficulty of the track lies in using the many switches on the track to the fullest, and perfecting the final stretch to finish a lap. The alternate unlockable track is the music that plays during cinematic sequences of the Revenge of Meta Knight sub-game in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra.

Searchable music database. Tip: To search every title, expand from the bottom up, then hit Ctrl+F and input the title. Closed lists will not be searched and effectively excludes the title.

Hoshi no Kābī (Japanese)


Hoshi no Kābī (All 100 episodes)

HnK logo Requires (free) installation of the proprietary Veoh player to watch more than the first 5 minutes

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