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Similar to Freeze, Ice lets Kirby breathe a cone of frigid air to freeze individual enemies into ice blocks , which explode shortly or can be kicked and used as projectiles against the others. Similar to Fire, it is introduced as early as Kirby's Adventure, with similar basic mechanics and offensive potential. Ice Kirby wears a crystalline crown with an orange or blue jewel and gold mounting, and turns a bluish hue.
Tiff reading
Tiff (Fumu Parm in Japan) is Kirby's most steadfast ally and protector in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, despite being initially disappointed that Kirby is not a dashing warrior as she had imagined. She quickly warms up to Kirby after he saves her from falling to her death, and she is the only one who can summon the Warp Star as cares about Kirby the most. She is the most intelligent resident in Cappy Town, but can be idealistic and stubborn, and (rightfully) suspects that King Dedede's plans are up to no good despite having no proof. She has a younger brother Tuff, and both are children of Sir Ebrum and Lady Like.
DVillainL Nightmare DVillainR
Nightmare is the Final Boss in Kirby's Adventure and its remake, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. Being a living nightmare, he attempts to control Dream Land through the control of Pop Star's Fountain of Dreams. King Dedede knows this and split the Star Rod, the source of the Fountain's power and Nightmare's one weakness, into pieces. This stops Dream Land's inhabitants from dreaming altogether, and prompts Kirby to confront Dedede, as he did not know the King's true intentions. In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Nightmare is the owner and leader of Nightmare Enterprises and aspires to rule the universe.
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