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Suplex is a completely melee-oriented copy ability, one of the least subtle, and one of the hardest to obtain - only Bugzzy, Jukid, or sometimes Phan Phan gives it. Kirby can dash forward and send his adversaries flying, or grab them instead and throw them into the air or smash them against the ground, and then jumping and flattening them against the ground. Kirby can perform a mid-air kick against the enemy that sends himself in another direction.
Kabu is a regular enemy in the Kirby series of games, but has a pivotal role in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! as Kirby's ally. In the anime, Kabu is an extremely old stone statue, resilient even to bombardment by Destrayers, and serves as a recovery center for Star Warriors and damaged Warp Stars. Tiff hid Kirby's Warp Star inside Kabu after finding a perfectly-fitting slot on a pedestal, and only Meta Knight and Tuff know the place besides herself. Kabu is responsible for sending out the Warp Star to Kirby when Tiff calls for it, and repairing it to full strength after being damaged by Air Riders.
Blade Knight
Blade Knight (similar to Sword Knight) is a common enemy who gives Kirby the Sword Copy Ability. He is always seen inside his characteristic green armor and wields a barbed sword. Blade Knight features in Kirby: Right Back at Ya as Meta Knight's ally, along with Sword Knight. The two are former thieves highly skilled with machinery, and follow Meta Knight after he saved them from WolfWrath.
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