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Emphasizing subtlety and technique over brute force, Ninja has weak, but extremely fast infinite-range projectile attacks, relying on constant hits and movement to keep enemies off-guard and himself safe. Ninja Kirby is highly mobile, moving at increased speed and having the ability to climb walls and perform wall-jumps. When enemies do get close, Ninja gives mobile melee attacks which move Kirby and attack at the same time. Kirby wears purple cap with a silver plate on his forehead.
Ribbon is a Fairy in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. When Dark Matter attacked Ripple Star, her home, the Queen Fairy told her to escape with the Power Crystal. She did so but was attacked by Dark Matter, who shattered the crystal into 74 pieces and caused her to crash-land in Dream Land, right on top of a stargazing Kirby. The two eventually confront the true evil behind the dark matter, . Ribbon flies and carries Kirby while Kirby makes use of Ribbon's Shard Gun against him. Kirby, Ribbon, and the rest of the team are proclaimed heroes and given medals when they went back to Ripple Star, and Kirby parts ways with Ribbon with either a handshake or a peck on the cheek from Ribbon.
Freezy Rex
KMA Freezy Rex
Freezy Rex is a mid-boss in Kirby Mass Attack. He pursues Kirby throughout the level where he is found, smashing objects as he goes along. This forces the Kirbys to remain on the move until the end of the level, where the Kirbys are able to knock the floor out from under him.
Kirby: Squeak Squad - Stage Music 2
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Music that plays in certain levels
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Music <verbatim>YoutubeIframe1</verbatim>6ol7EInN4SE<verbatim>YoutubeIframe2</verbatim>250<verbatim>YoutubeIframe3</verbatim>35<verbatim>YoutubeIframe4</verbatim>6ol7EInN4SE<verbatim>YoutubeIframe5</verbatim>dark<verbatim>YoutubeIframe6</verbatim>0<verbatim>YoutubeIframe7</verbatim>0<verbatim>YoutubeIframe8</verbatim>0<verbatim>YoutubeIframe9</verbatim>0<verbatim>YoutubeIframe10</verbatim>0<verbatim>YoutubeIframe11</verbatim>0<verbatim>YoutubeIframe12</verbatim>1<verbatim>YoutubeIframe13</verbatim>

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