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DFinalL Master DFinalR
Master is the final copy ability in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, named after Meta Knight's Master blade, the Final Weapon which bestows the copy ability to Kirby. It is used against Dark Mind. The move routines are similar to Sword's but are much more powerful. It is one of two final copy abilities which can be used after beating the last boss, the other being Triple Star, and both of them can be recovered an unlimited number of times even after being lost.
One of Kirby's six Animal Friends, and the smallest in the group. Pitch is a green-colored bird. He made his debut in Kirby's Dream Land 3, and like all other Animal Friends, Pitch augments Kirby's Copy Abilities. Pitch's personal relationship is with his mother Hiiru, unlike the others who have love interests or best friends or Coo, who has no relationship.
DVillainL Kabula DVillainR
Kabula is King Dedede's personal aircraft, first featuring in Float Islands of Kirby's Dream Land, the first ever game in the Kirby series, and nearly a decade later in Kirby Super Star Ultra. Her attacks revolve around shooting cannonballs, missiles, and Gordos in larger and larger numbers to overwhelm Kirby and protect herself against Kirby's own projectiles. Being a blimp, she bursts into flames and crashes through the clouds when defeated.
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