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With Spark, Kirby can charge up attacks and throw bolts of lightning, or discharge an electrical shield which protects him from projectiles. It similar to Plasma, but charges attacks rather than energy, and manually rather than only when moving. Spark and plasma have almost-identical ability hats, which is a jeweled golden tiara with a plume of electricity
Tiff reading
Tiff (Fumu Parm in Japan) is Kirby's most steadfast ally and protector in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, despite being initially disappointed that Kirby is not a dashing warrior as she had imagined. She quickly warms up to Kirby after he saves her from falling to her death, and she is the only one who can summon the Warp Star as cares about Kirby the most. She is the most intelligent resident in Cappy Town, but can be idealistic and stubborn, and (rightfully) suspects that King Dedede's plans are up to no good despite having no proof. She has a younger brother Tuff, and both are children of Sir Ebrum and Lady Like.
Poppy Bros. Jr.
Poppy Bros. Jr. is an iconic enemy of the Kirby series, known for giving the highly-useful Bomb Copy Ability. They are most often seen riding on Grizzos, Apples, or even Maxim Tomatoes in the earlier games, but walk on foot in the later titles. Poppy Bros. Sr. is his larger version, featuring as a Mid-boss.
Kirby 64: Training
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Music during Copy Ability training
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