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Kirby stores up energy with every step he takes, and unleashes anything from a small spark to green-hued lightning storms depending on how much energy he has stored. At full power, Kirby shimmers with a plasma shield that protects against enemies and projectiles, which allows this copy ability to be used defensively as well as offensively depending on situation. Plasma Kirby wears a golden tiara with a green jewel that radiates plumes of green plasma/lightning.
DHeroL Kirby DHeroR
Kirby is the titular pink puffball and protagonist of the Kirby series of games by Nintendo. Kirby hails from Dream Land on Pop Star, a planet in Gamble Galaxy. He is eight inches tall, has blue eyes and characteristic pink cheek blushes, and red feet (or shoes).
He has a cheerful and innocent demeanour, but is not beyond spotting evil schemes by villains wanting to take over Dream Land, and Kirby is always ready to save the day. When he does not have his work cut out for him doing that, he loves nothing more than eating. And sleeping.
His seemingly unsatiable appetite for just about everything forms the basis of his signature Copy Abilities, which lets him acquire enemy abilities after inhaling them.
DVillainL Doc DVillainR
Doc is the mustachioed "brains" of the Squeak Squad, a gang of treasure hunting mice. He is an inventive genius who usually travels in safety inside a flying saucer. Examples of his marvelous creations are Mecha Kracko and Yadogaine.
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