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Kirby pilots or takes the shape of a flying saucer, and gains permanent levitation and the use of laser-based charged attacks, some of which are similar to the Laser Copy Ability. It is one of the rarest and most short-term Copy Abilities (some sequences as short as 10 seconds), but it does feature in several games. UFO does not give a helper, and Kirby cannot go down ladders while in saucer form, and must forfeit the ability to do so.
Kit Cosmos
Kit cosmos
Kit Cosmos is a character in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. An old veteran of the war against Nightmare Enterprises, he is a Galaxy Soldier who lived a life of solitude after being stranded on an island for an undisclosed reason, and still believed the war was raging on until told otherwise by Kirby and friends. Not necessarily the brightest character but tough as nails despite his age, he is always ready for action, especially against Nightmare Enterprises.
Sir Kibble
KTD Sir Kibble artwork 2
Sir Kibble is a regular enemy who gives the Cutter Copy Ability, and attacks largely in the same manner - retrieving the cutter blade from the top of his helmet and tossing it like a boomerang as Cutter Kirby would.
Kirby Mass Attack: Strato Patrol EOS
KMA Strato Patrol EOS
"Team Triumph" in Kirby Mass Attack
KMA Logo2
Basic throbber0aTgsHM23sE 25040px001iframe

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