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Chara beetle
First appearing in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Beetle is a versatile ability reminiscent of Suplex and Throw. A Mid-boss that gives the ability, Hornhead, is similar to the Suplex Mid-boss Bugzzy. With this ability, Kirby flies using tiny beetle wings as well. He wears a Samurai-style helmet with golden edges, and rhinoceros beetle-like horns on the front and back.
DHeroL Kirby DHeroR
Kirby is the titular pink puffball and protagonist of the Kirby series of games by Nintendo. Kirby hails from Dream Land on Planet Popstar, a planet in Gamble Galaxy. He is eight inches tall, has blue eyes and characteristic pink cheek blushes, and red feet (or shoes).
He has a cheerful and innocent demeanour, but is not beyond spotting evil schemes by villains wanting to take over Dream Land, and Kirby is always ready to save the day. When he does not have his work cut out for him doing that, he loves nothing more than eating. And sleeping.
His seemingly unsatiable appetite for just about everything forms the basis of his signature Copy Abilities, which lets him acquire enemy abilities after inhaling them.
DVillainL Dark Nebula DVillainR
Referred to as "Ruler of the Underworld" or "Lord of Darkness", Dark Nebula was sealed in a Treasure Chest a long time before the events in Kirby: Squeak Squad, although how, why or by whom is not known. Apparently Meta Knight was the only individual who knew about this, as Kirby was led to believe that the chest contained his Strawberry Shortcake and Daroach stole it from Kirby, believing it to contain ultimate power. Daroach was correct in a way, as Dark Nebula was far more than he could have handled, and possesses him to become Dark Daroach. He is destroyed after the events in Kirby: Squeak Squad, using Daroach's Triple Star Cane.
Playing Alone
Whimsical theme in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! (Theme starts at 0:17)

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