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An extremely rare ability only featured in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, Kirby shrinks from eight inches tall to four after inhaling an equally miniature enemy called the Minny. Mini leaves Kirby completely defenseless and the use of the cell phone is forfeited, but Kirby can enter cracks and crevices and obtain the treasures inside. The copy ability is lost once Kirby passes through a door, or if he takes any damage.
One of Kirby's six Animal Friends. Chuchu is a pink blob wearing a bright red ribbon. She makes her debut in Kirby's Dream Land 3, and augments Kirby's Copy Abilities. Chuchu's best friend and personal relationship is with Nyupun. Unlike other Animal Friends, who carry Kirby in some way, Kirby carries Chuchu instead. Her interest in Kirby borders on a romantic one, especially in the manga.
Kabu is a common enemy in the Kirby series that resembles a monolithic statue of a head. They attack by quickly spinning and moving about to bump into Kirby. There is a larger version of Kabu called Dekabu that can produce Kabu out of their mouths. In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Kabu is Kirby's ally and the place of refuge for the Warp Star when not in use.
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