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Randomizer - Randomize All
Ghost is a rather special copy ability only playable in Kirby: Squeak Squad, obtained from the mini-boss Tedhaun, who replaces one mini-boss from each level after completing the Ghost Medal. Ghost Kirby cannot pass through solid objects, not even through floors or down ladders where normal Kirby can, but it lets Kirby directly take control of certain enemies and use their abilities as his own, instead of copy abilities. This easily gives Ghost the largest number of possible moves in the series.
A character appearing in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, first seen in the episode Crusade for the Blade. Silica is the daughter of Garlude, the Star Warrior killed by Kirisakin while trying to obtain Galaxia the sword with Meta Knight. She wields a multi-purpose transforming weapon. Impulsive and hot-headed, she was intially led to believe that Meta Knight left her family to die to take the sword for himself, and attacks Meta Knight for it, but eventually learns the truth from the sword and teams up with him to destroy Kirisakin. She helped the Halberd's final assault upon Nightmare's Fortress in the final episodes.
Laser Ball
Laser Ball is a common enemy who attacks by shooting a straight or deflected laser beam, and gives the Laser or Beam Copy Ability depending on the game. It floats freely, and has the ability to move through walls.
Kirby's Dream Collection soundtrack
Basic throbber0Nke1QEO9vw 25040px01iframe
Theme in Kirby's Dream Land 3
KDL3 logo
Basic throbbertOIz1wSYNro 25040px01iframe
Overworld music in Kirby's Dream Land 3
KDL3 logo
Basic throbberCQC88mJI_8E 25040px01iframe
Theme in Kirby's Dream Land 2
KDL2 logo
Basic throbberofc6P5Ibvsc 25040px01iframe
Overworld music in Kirby's Dream Land 2
KDL2 logo
Basic throbberhR-Y64s5A60 25040px01iframe
Iceberg is the fourth level in Kirby's Dream Land 2, and fifth in Kirby's Dream Land 3. It is a cold, icy, and snowy environment. In its latter appearance, a large tower with a single red eye evocative of Dark Matter dominates the landscape.

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