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The main projectile-based ability and staple of the series, Kirby gains the use of a boomerang blade that homes in back onto him after flying forwards. Kirby puts the blade on top of his hat when not in use, and the hat itself looks like a duck with wings at the side, and eyes which resemble Kirby's own. Because of the homing nature of the boomerang, jumping over the boomerang when it is returning causes it to overshoot backwards and take out anyone behind Kirby as well.
A dedicated, talented painter, highly patient, somewhat shy, and never in a rush, Adeleine can make her paintings come to life, just like Ado and Drawcia. Her first and only appearance is in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Visiting Dream Land to study painting, she was the unfortunate victim of Dark Matter which possesses her, but was eventually freed by Kirby and friends, and she helps them along the way, painting power-ups and solving puzzles to further their quest for all the Crystal Shards. She is a playable character in multiplayer.
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Referred to as "Ruler of the Underworld" or "Lord of Darkness", Dark Nebula was sealed in a Treasure Chest a long time before the events in Kirby: Squeak Squad, although how, why or by whom is not known. Apparently Meta Knight was the only individual who knew about this, as Kirby was led to believe that the chest contained his Strawberry Shortcake and Daroach stole it from Kirby, believing it to contain ultimate power. Daroach was correct in a way, as Dark Nebula was far more than he could have handled, and possesses him to become Dark Daroach. He is destroyed after the events in Kirby: Squeak Squad, using Daroach's Triple Star Cane.
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