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DFinalL Master DFinalR
Master is the final Copy Ability in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, named after Meta Knight's Master blade, the Final Weapon which bestows the copy ability to Kirby. It can be optionally used against Dark Mind. The move routines are similar to Sword's but are much more powerful. It is one of two final Copy Abilities which can be used after beating the last boss, the other being Triple Star, and both of them can be recovered an unlimited number of times even after being lost.
Chef Kawasaki
Kawasaki SSU
A recurring miniboss character in games and a somewhat slow-witted but insightful ally of Kirby in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Chef Kawasaki is someone who loves cooking more than anything else, and fights Kirby over a Heart Star as his cooking ingredient. His food in the anime is not particularly commendable; Kawasaki knows it but doesn't show it or seem to mind. Kirby is the only one who enjoys it but the townspeople who complain still eat regardless, as he operates just about the only restaurant in Cappy Town. His frying pan gives Kirby the Cook ablity in several episodes.
DVillainL Escargoon DVillainR
Escargoon is King Dedede's witty sidekick and assistant in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He has unwavering loyalty to Dedede, but not so much in the way of true respect, as Dedede treats him as his personal punching-bag for just about anything. Not truly as cruel-hearted or as subservient as Dedede and himself would like people to believe, he actually holds little grudge against Kirby, and goes against him only because Dedede asks him to do so. When not bickering or fighting with Dedede, Escargoon is somewhat reliable in helping the King carry out his plans, until his plans go awry anyway.
Theme - Meta Knight
Meta Knight KRTDL
Although Meta Knight's first appearance was in Kirby's Adventure, his theme was introduced when Kirby duels against him in Revenge of Meta Knight of Kirby Super Star. The Kirby's Epic Yarn version is a slower piano remix of his Super Star theme.

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