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KRTDL Parasol
An established series staple and extremely common, Parasol gives Kirby a star-tipped, red and white parasol. It is one of few abilities without an ability hat. The parasol is a cross between a spear and shield, as the star-tip passively hurts anything in front of Kirby, and makes the parasol a decent melee weapon. When the parasol Copy Scroll is obtained, it can fire surprisingly powerful stars. The parasol itself protects Kirby, and serves as a parachute to slow his descent, or a surface which Kirby can use to throw enemies away from himself.
KEY Kirby Form 1
Zeke is the tenant in Apartment 101 in Dom Woole's apartment building in Quilty Square of Patch Land in Kirby's Epic Yarn. He offers hide-and-seek minigames, after Kirby decorates his room with the appropriate furniture obtained from the various Treasure chests in the game. Like all the other tenants, he sometimes visits Kirby in Kirby's Pad, and he offers a secret fabric after all his minigames and the main story has been completed.
KMA Rock
Grindarr is an enemy appearing in Kirby Mass Attack and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. Grindarrs are large, rectangular stone-blocks that attack by crashing down from above in an attempt to crush Kirby when he comes near. The grey Grindarrs cannot be destroyed, but the brown, cracked variations that appear in Kirby Mass Attack can be destroyed.
Kirby Mass Attack: Surfing Stars
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"Surfing Stars" in Kirby Mass Attack
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