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Mike is a limited-use ability. Mike Kirby can discharge sound explosively three times, each discharge stronger than the last, and destroying everything but bosses on the screen. The combined damage of the three pulses exceeds even that of Crash, and Meta Knight referenced in Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Abusement Park that Mike may be Kirby's most powerful ability. From the reactions from his audience, Kirby's singing seems to be borderline awful to downright unbearable, but he doesn't seem to realize and enjoys himself regardless.
Chef Kawasaki
Kawasaki SSU
A recurring miniboss character in games and a somewhat slow-witted but insightful ally of Kirby in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Chef Kawasaki is someone who loves cooking more than anything else, and fights Kirby over a Heart Star as his cooking ingredient. His food in the anime is not particularly commendable; Kawasaki knows it but doesn't show it or seem to mind. Kirby is the only one who enjoys it but the townspeople who complain still eat regardless, as he operates just about the only restaurant in Cappy Town. His frying pan gives Kirby the Cook ablity in several episodes.
DVillainL Storo DVillainR
Storo is the "brawn" of the Squeak Squad, a gang of treasure hunting mice. He is sometimes fought as a miniboss at the end of some stages in the game, and, due to his huge size, he can sometimes be very difficult to take down. Neither Storo nor any of his weapons can be inhaled and thus he gives no Copy Ability.
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